May. 18th, 2017

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I'm suddenly and completely addicted to 'Canada's Worst Driver' -show. Damn Netflix! /shakes fist to the sky

It is a terrible show with a heart of reality gold, and I always fall for those like a big heart-eyed doofus. See also: Masterchef:Australia, The Block, House Rules, My Kitchen Rules, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (yet another Netflix treasure) and on and on.

Oh, but Canada's Worst Driver. I don't have a driver's licence and I have never driven a car (well, once on the private road to a summer cottage when I was like four, but mostly it was dad driving, me sitting on his lap and pretending to steer, so that doesn't count) and even I know some of the stuff those drivers do are completely, utterly bonkers insane. It's horrible! I can't stop watching!

In another news, Unconventional Courtship is coming back this summer! Yay! :D Wonder if I could finish that Alex/Hank story this time? I can't let it go! I can't finish it either! It's just there, forever going on and on in agonizing romance hell!

I need to do what they keep saying in the CWD: look where you want to go (and then you will go there). I'm sure that applies both driving and writing. Right?


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