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Ugh, I'm completely blocked on the Hobbit Big Bang fic. I didn't even have the courage to open the file and read through the 3/4 of the story I had. I had four days free this week, and I did everything but write. Gah! So now I have long days for the next five days, so it will be even harder to find time to write (though when it's quiet at the store and I'm just cleaning, that's a great time to think about the story).

Part of the problem might be that I don't have a clear deadline at the moment like I had in April with Camp. According the timetable the posting for BB should start at June, but the mod haven't posted anything in the community since April, so hard to know what's supposed to happen. Of course it would be best to have the story finished in next few days, just in case, but apparently my writing brain is not on board with that plan. Damn.

And another writing conundrum: I looked through my remix assigment, and I got clear and immediate idea what I wanted to write. Here's the problem: last time I went with such idea, the fic turned out bit...disliked? So now I'm pretty gun-shy on immediate ideas, because they tend to land me in hot water. Except clear and immediate ideas are great; easy to start writing, and they propel you when you get stuck! That's why I would like to keep the idea, but...Hot water.

I'll brainstorm some other ideas, see if the immediate one holds up. Also, the Big Bang. Editing and rewriting that is more urgent, timetable wise.


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