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Title: Night
Rating: gen
Content notes: none
Bingo square: loss of powers
Summary: Alex is cold and Darwin tries to keep him warm.

Night )
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Title: Inspection
Rating: gen
Content notes: none
Bingo square: AU - lord and vassal
Summary: Lady Raven wants to see what her new vassal lands look like.

Inspection )
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Title: Movies
Rating: gen
Content notes: none
Bingo square: Angel and Raven
Summary: girls go to the movies.

Movies )
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Title: Mistakes
Rating: gen
Content notes: none
Bingo square: wildcard - AU: Fusion
Summary: Moira has her on-again-off-again boyfriend sleeping on her mattress, when her friend Emma brings some interesting news. Burn Notice fusion.

Mistakes )
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Work title: The Fixer
Rating: gen
Content Notes: none
Bingo square: AU – boarding school
Summary: Alex needs more phone cards and he has to go ask them from McCoy.

The Fixer )
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X-Men: First Class Remix is over!

I got absolutely glorious remix of my story The Quiet Ones, the Remix was: Absolution by arcapelago

It's really good, and so damn clever, a whole new level of dark. I love it so much!
I tried to guess which one of my stories would caught a remixers eye, and I would've never guessed this one would get the honor.

I wrote three stories, one main recipient and two madness stories. All the recipients seemed to like the results, so that's good!

Also, I posted six finished KB stories. Didn't get a line bingo, but I figured that I better just post what I have instead waiting for the very last minute in the hopes I would finish the squares. Bingo or not, at least I can get a card in the upcoming new round.

I know I said this last year, and then failed at it, but I'm going to try it again: no more XMFC stories. I'm going to finish Path, and then that's it. Done, crossing the finish line, having a fancy victory dance!

Of course I'll sign up for Kink Bingo, but other than that, I don't know what I'll write, if anything. I'm going to see how I feel.


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