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Dear Writer,
thank you for writing for me!
I hope you have fun, and I look forward to your story!

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And you know it's spring, because the new round of Unconventionalcourtship Challenge has started! Every year I've planned to do this challenge, but so far all I have is two 1K starts with promises to grow into 20K+ mammoths - eh, what are you going to do? Romance! :D It's sticky and spreads like spilled syrup. But maybe this spring I'll have a proper go at it...

 photo UCSteveTony.jpg

HOW TO PLAY + SIGN UP and also, tons of great romance stories from the last round, wink wink. In case you are looking for something to read!
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I've been considering the end of the year fest season, and it suddenly occurred to me that I don't want to participate in Yuletide this year. o.O I don't know why, but I'm not feeling excited about it.
And if I get in the Yuletide spirit later, there's always the treat writing?

Though I wonder if I'll be really disappointed not to wake up to a story in a Christmas morning - I don't like Christmas time, Yuletide is the only 'celebratory' thing I do. But I don't want to disappoint anyone else with my crummy writing - I mean, I can't assure that my writing mojo will come back all of a sudden.

Uh, I don't know.

I did, however, sign up for the Intoabar! The idea is fun and it's not an exchange style fest - if the story turns out boring, you have only disappointed yourself, no harm done.

Still trying to gear up to the writing speed re: NaNoWriMo, but its slow going. I stop to think & edit, that's the problem, it slows me down. Typing fast is the key! I should go train that.
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This round of Remix I got showered with fabulous stories! And here they are:
Rest of the Squee (Under the Cut) )

Until the next Remix!
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My gift was Darkness to Light by Rekall and it's a Natasha/Bucky Noir AU.

It is amazing, let me tell you! Lots of classic Noir elements, both movie and literature variation. I especially liked their writing style, this short and minimalist way to build the world - it's like you can hear the typewriter tapping in the background. Perfect for Noir!

In turn I wrote Guard Your Sleep for Elyssblair. It's a Clint/Coulson a/b/o story.

They requested so many great AU's that I had trouble choosing, and in fact a/b/o wasn't my first choice, 'Royalty' was. I just had real trouble with the first try, that I fell back to my comfort zone and wrote abo. The recipient gave a lovely comment on it and seemed to like it, so that was great!

To the next challenge then!
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Dear Writer,
thank you for writing for me!
I hope you have fun crossovering, and I look forward to your story!

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Dear Writer,
thank you for writing for me!
I hope you have fun, and I look forward to your story!

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I don't think I've squeed over a Yuletide story this much since the very first Yuletide - every single story I've received during last 4 years have been amazing, but this one was just perfect combination of scorching hot porn with a delicious kink filling.

Here it is: The Expendables, Barney Ross/Lee Christmas, Explicit - Man and Knife

First of all, thank you to the brilliant person who came up with the Yuleporn concept! Because this story ticked a lot of the boxes from my wish list, and perfectly - especially the knife play one. It's a clever take on knife kink, because it so clearly revolves around the relationship, and there's this beautiful intimacy that goes with it. Knife play is a trust game in any case, but I really like it how the author has written it as organic part of the relationship, and that it's Barney's kink, not necessarily Lee's. (I wonder if Lee has some kind of complementary gun kink - which makes all the gun vs. knife arguments in both E1 & E2 hilarious and way hotter :D)

Oh, and the banter! I love it that I just picker and kiss and picker some more. So perfect! And that Lee is a cheeky flirt, double perfect, and a nice boy (not good, mind, nice)... Nnngghh! My brain melted during the first thousand words. So perfect!
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Heyjupiter wrote me a wonderful Moira story, Still Standing. I love it, Moira is written perfect, professional and strong, it's amazing. And this isn't the first time Heyjupiter has written a story for me, few years back they wrote me an interesting take on Victor and Erik (A Man Does What He Must), in FC+X1 combo. And now Moira story with FC+X3 combo! The parallels on both stories are clever and well drawn.

I wrote The Memories of Flesh for RedStockings. Their prompts were amazing, and I really wanted to write the steampunk one but I just didn't have the knowledge and courage to try. So I wrote a demon summoning story. I've never written one of those either, it was a great chance to give it ago!

I didn't manage any Madness stories, but all in all, it was fun to write that story.
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for writing for me! I hope you have a great Yuletide, and I look forward reading your fic!
(And here is my entry at Yuleporn, if that's something that interests you)

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Title: Picture Me And You
Fandom: X-Men:First Class
Pairing: Charles Xavier / Raven Darkholme
Kink: vanilla
Word count: ~1300
Notes: Raven attempts to play a game with Charles, but like in Calvinball, you can never play with the same set of rules twice.

Thank you all the commentators at [community profile] kb_cafe, who gave valuable pointers and thoughtful suggestions to my questions about the essence of vanilla kink.

Story was also inspired by xmen_firstkink meme prompt: "Charles brings home another random girl, and Raven pretends to be his wife or girlfriend to scare them."

Warning: nothing really sexual

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This is my gender recast of the show Human Target for Femslash Land challenge Boys & Girls.

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Title: The Last Drink Of The Night
Fandoms: Angel, Dollhouse, True Blood
Rating: PG
Wordcount 1517
Spoilers: Story isn't set in any specific episode, nor does it contain any spoilers for any of the three shows. Over all, 1st season sense of all three.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Angel and Dollhouse belong to Joss Whedon, True Blood to Alan Ball & Charlaine Harris.
A/N: Thank you for the excellent beta, [personal profile] humantales! All mistakes are mine.
Summary: Lilah, Adelle and Pam drink and talk.

The Last Drink Of The Night )
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Title: Unshared
Fandom: The Powerpuff Girls / X-men (movieverse)
Word count: ~540
Notes: written for the challenge "Bad Romance". This is AU concept where human!PPG's are students at Xavier School.

Fic )
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Title: Little Getaway
Fandom: Criminal Minds / NCIS
Pairing: Spencer Reid / Abby Sciuto
Word count: 360
Notes: written for the challenge "Vacation". Just a little silly romantic ficlet (always wanted to write these two as a pair, here was my chance)

Fic )
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Title: Work Day
Fandom: Chuck / The Covert Affairs
Characters: Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, Annie Walker
Word count: 710
Notes: Chuck in the first season sense, because that's all I've seen this far. Fic written for
[livejournal.com profile] xoverland ficlet challenge "Summer's Baby"

Fic )
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Title: After the Meeting
Fandom/Pairing: Max Guevera, Logan Cale (Dark Angel) / Anthony DiNozzo (NCIS)
Word count: 500
Notes: doppelganger story from characters played by actor Michael Weatherly. Written for the Xoverland ficlet challenge.

Fic )
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Title: Casual Call To The Morgue
Fandom/Pairing: Winston (Human Target) / Emerson Cod (Pushing Daisies)
Word count: 500
Notes: doppelganger story from characters played by actor Chi McBride.
Written for the Xoverland ficlet challenge.

Fic )
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Title: Phone call
Fandom/Pairing: Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) / Becky (Sin City)
Word count: 500
Notes: doppelganger story from characters played by actress Alexis Bledel. Written for the Xoverland ficlet challenge.
Rory in the 'after 7th season' sense, Becky... maybe if she had survived the hitman in the end?

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