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Argh, I got accepted to a course, which is great, but now I have tons of stuff I have to write - poor NaNo project has been pushed to the back of the line, and I'm struggling to keep up with the daily word count (it's the last week! Goddamn, don't fall apart now, story!)

And yesterday was the worst, I had to finish Intoabar-fic and of course I left that right at the end of the deadline, so that was another mad rush to the finish (well done me, don't I ever learn? >.<) So I need something like over 3K today for NaNo to get back on the track and get to the 40K point. Argh! I'm not giving up! I want to win this now, even if I have to type my main character describing her boat for ten pages.

But another milestone broke with the Intoabar fic: I have 300 037 words uploaded at AO3! :D
That's like, six NaNos back to back, (theoretically, could I have written those 94 fics in 6 months?) Or three (short-ish) novels! Either way, that's a big pile of words. :D

Alright, now I'll try to squeeze two 10 minute writing spurts between brewing coffee, before I have to slap on some mascara and rush to the course meeting (and I just realized I have forgotten to write one section of this assignment sheet. Great. Good work. >.<) Ok, I need more coffee.
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The Crossovering challenge is over, and here's the tally!

The crossover written for me was Push/X-Men story, Who We've Yet to Become by Weasleytook.

It's an amazing story, starting from the end of Push, Nick and Cassie on the run and Kira in the wind. They follow after Kira, and find her in the Xavier School. Nick, Cassie and Kira all find something they need in there. The story uses details from the whole X-Men movie canon, it is very well done and I love the different character voices. It was a dream crossover, I must say! Loved it!

I also got a treat! :D The Stark Job by Misura
Which is also an amazing one, Leverage/Iron Man crossover and so spot on with the characters! It's clever, funny and well written, like a piece of Leverage itself combined with the bit of wacky from the Iron Man. It's perfect and amazingly written!

And I wrote XMFC/MCU crossover for Daymarket, called The Break In. Charles & Tony break in to the SHIELD archives, that's the core of it :)

Remix Tour

May. 19th, 2014 06:45 am
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I got a remix for my Avengers story, Date Night which I remember writing for Kink Bingo square 'gender play'. It was about applying mascara on Tony. The remix is Just Stay The Same (The What You're Searching For Remix by Samalander.

I loved their take, it's basically the same situation but they added fun layers over it; it's not just mascara, it's picking a dress, shoes, the whole ensamble for Tony, with the added bonus of Bruce's reaction to the dolling up. It's brilliant story, fun and sexy at the same time.

I wrote Lords of Genosha (The Dissimulation Remix) for Kernezelda. Their story was sweet and romantic, which I turned into vaguely-historical court intrigue with assassination plot (and soccer). The recipient left me a lovely feedback, so I'm taking they weren't horrified with the end result.
And I realized I forgot to add summary and thank you note in the fic last week, duh! I was supposed to come up with a better title, never did and forgot to add notes. I better go do that now.

Oh, and a/b/o Ladies ficathon, what happened with that? The usual: fumbled with half-baked ideas for weeks, pushed a finished story in three days. Though it's a re-hash of the pound concept, there's something in that story that I like. Maybe it's the omnipresence of Director Carter :D
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I'm having trouble coming up with any good prompts for my Yuletide requests. Maybe because I'm having trouble deciding what to request - I don't know what I want the most! It's the candy store problem. You want everything, but can't have it.

And I'm slightly tempted about the Secret Mutant exchange, but signing for that goes against my promise to stop writing XMFC, I know. I just really want a gift fic/art, that's all. You have to give to receive, that's the point of exchanges.

I don't know. Maybe I think too much about these things. Write a fun, good story, that's all there is.


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