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May. 19th, 2014 06:45 am
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I got a remix for my Avengers story, Date Night which I remember writing for Kink Bingo square 'gender play'. It was about applying mascara on Tony. The remix is Just Stay The Same (The What You're Searching For Remix by Samalander.

I loved their take, it's basically the same situation but they added fun layers over it; it's not just mascara, it's picking a dress, shoes, the whole ensamble for Tony, with the added bonus of Bruce's reaction to the dolling up. It's brilliant story, fun and sexy at the same time.

I wrote Lords of Genosha (The Dissimulation Remix) for Kernezelda. Their story was sweet and romantic, which I turned into vaguely-historical court intrigue with assassination plot (and soccer). The recipient left me a lovely feedback, so I'm taking they weren't horrified with the end result.
And I realized I forgot to add summary and thank you note in the fic last week, duh! I was supposed to come up with a better title, never did and forgot to add notes. I better go do that now.

Oh, and a/b/o Ladies ficathon, what happened with that? The usual: fumbled with half-baked ideas for weeks, pushed a finished story in three days. Though it's a re-hash of the pound concept, there's something in that story that I like. Maybe it's the omnipresence of Director Carter :D
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Dear Writer,
thank you for writing for me!
I hope you have fun, and I look forward to your story!

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Heyjupiter wrote me a wonderful Moira story, Still Standing. I love it, Moira is written perfect, professional and strong, it's amazing. And this isn't the first time Heyjupiter has written a story for me, few years back they wrote me an interesting take on Victor and Erik (A Man Does What He Must), in FC+X1 combo. And now Moira story with FC+X3 combo! The parallels on both stories are clever and well drawn.

I wrote The Memories of Flesh for RedStockings. Their prompts were amazing, and I really wanted to write the steampunk one but I just didn't have the knowledge and courage to try. So I wrote a demon summoning story. I've never written one of those either, it was a great chance to give it ago!

I didn't manage any Madness stories, but all in all, it was fun to write that story.
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X-Men: First Class Remix is over!

I got absolutely glorious remix of my story The Quiet Ones, the Remix was: Absolution by arcapelago

It's really good, and so damn clever, a whole new level of dark. I love it so much!
I tried to guess which one of my stories would caught a remixers eye, and I would've never guessed this one would get the honor.

I wrote three stories, one main recipient and two madness stories. All the recipients seemed to like the results, so that's good!

Also, I posted six finished KB stories. Didn't get a line bingo, but I figured that I better just post what I have instead waiting for the very last minute in the hopes I would finish the squares. Bingo or not, at least I can get a card in the upcoming new round.

I know I said this last year, and then failed at it, but I'm going to try it again: no more XMFC stories. I'm going to finish Path, and then that's it. Done, crossing the finish line, having a fancy victory dance!

Of course I'll sign up for Kink Bingo, but other than that, I don't know what I'll write, if anything. I'm going to see how I feel.
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Title: Wednesday
Request: "something dealing with the similarity between Hank's serum in First Class and the mutant "cure" in X3. Perhaps older!Hank finds depowered!Mystique after the movie?"
Rating: gen
Movies: X-Men: First Class, X3
Word count: ~2000
Notes: Written for lonelywalker in X-men Movie Ficathon 2011.
Thank you for beta work, st_aurafina! All mistakes are mine.

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Title: The Last Drink Of The Night
Fandoms: Angel, Dollhouse, True Blood
Rating: PG
Wordcount 1517
Spoilers: Story isn't set in any specific episode, nor does it contain any spoilers for any of the three shows. Over all, 1st season sense of all three.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Angel and Dollhouse belong to Joss Whedon, True Blood to Alan Ball & Charlaine Harris.
A/N: Thank you for the excellent beta, [personal profile] humantales! All mistakes are mine.
Summary: Lilah, Adelle and Pam drink and talk.

The Last Drink Of The Night )
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Once more with the feeling!
Ficathons are always fun, and XMM Ficathon is one my favorites - maybe because it was the first ficathon I ever participated, in my first & dearest fandom. This ficathon fic turned alright after some good advice. After the Kink Bingo Experience, it was nice to write pure gen with some girly giggles and party dresses in the mix.

Jubilee/Marie, Graduation party, ~1100 words

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My last participation to XMMF was very last minute - I wasn't about to partake, then changed my mind and whined to be a pinch-hitter. I was handed this lost prompt, requesting Mystique/Destiny pairing, with lingerie and stockings (smut optional). My story is solid relationship story, set in the X3. I had to do some quick reserch to find out who is Destiny (Irene Adler) - she has the ability to perceive events of possible futures. This story, written in one night, one sitting, turned out very nice. Well, I thought so. The smut never really made into it, but hey... You can't have everything. About 950 words, completely PG

Prelude in Flesh and Color )
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The second time of XMMF I got a dream prompt; one about Theresa Cassidy. Her voice mutation turned out fun to plot with, and I later wrote several other stories about her. Tessa is often an independent and competent spirit in my stories - a perfect heroine for straightlaced adventures.
In this ficathon story I was asked to write her a background story - how did she ended up in the the Mansion to make that one crucial scream in X2? About 1100 words, PG

Parental Influence )
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X-Men Movie Ficathon was my favorite ficathon, it used to keep summer interesting. Maybe it will get revived with Origins or maybe it won't. Be it as it may, the ficathon archive is still a top notch place to find some quality fics.
This little piece was my first participation in XMMF. The prompt request was comparisons between Xavier/Magneto as mentors and the result was this 1900 word, PG+ story.

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