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X-Men: First Class Remix is over!

I got absolutely glorious remix of my story The Quiet Ones, the Remix was: Absolution by arcapelago

It's really good, and so damn clever, a whole new level of dark. I love it so much!
I tried to guess which one of my stories would caught a remixers eye, and I would've never guessed this one would get the honor.

I wrote three stories, one main recipient and two madness stories. All the recipients seemed to like the results, so that's good!

Also, I posted six finished KB stories. Didn't get a line bingo, but I figured that I better just post what I have instead waiting for the very last minute in the hopes I would finish the squares. Bingo or not, at least I can get a card in the upcoming new round.

I know I said this last year, and then failed at it, but I'm going to try it again: no more XMFC stories. I'm going to finish Path, and then that's it. Done, crossing the finish line, having a fancy victory dance!

Of course I'll sign up for Kink Bingo, but other than that, I don't know what I'll write, if anything. I'm going to see how I feel.
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Yes, it's true: The Giant fell!

Meant For Each Other (For Certain) ~21K

The whole thing is in the kink meme in 30 parts, but I'll post it all at the AO3 today - I only had time for the first part this morning.

But it is finished, oh wow, I still can't believe it! Time for VICTORY LAP!

One fic left in this project, I think I can see the finish line glimmering in the horizon...
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I finished and posted one of the three Project fics!

Wild Charms (6 727 words)

I wrote nothing but that whole day yesterday. I decided to follow the trader rule of thumb: "Cut your losses short but let your profits run."

That story pulled yesterday, it felt easy to write it, so I abandoned all time constraints and let it run. Perhaps it would've been wise to let the story rest for few days and then glance at it again, but to be brutally honest with myself, I've rewritten that story so many times that I don't know if there was a way to make a good story out of it anymore.
So I cut my losses at that point, and called it done.

Now, time to turn focus on the other two!
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Title: Wednesday
Request: "something dealing with the similarity between Hank's serum in First Class and the mutant "cure" in X3. Perhaps older!Hank finds depowered!Mystique after the movie?"
Rating: gen
Movies: X-Men: First Class, X3
Word count: ~2000
Notes: Written for lonelywalker in X-men Movie Ficathon 2011.
Thank you for beta work, st_aurafina! All mistakes are mine.

Wednesday )
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Title: You Love To Fail
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Relations: Erik/Logan/Charles
Kink: shaving/depilation, caning, bondage (wrist/ankle), free square (bondage other)
Word count: ~1400
Notes: Written for xmen_firstkink meme prompt: "Charles likes to act like a bit of a brat in the bedroom in order to get taught a lesson by Erik and Logan. Erik and Logan argue about how much is too much while Charles just really loves both of their methods."

Story is a stand-alone, but it can also be read in line with the two fills for the same prompt, my another fill Green Light and OP's own fill "In Other Bedrooms" (same link as the prompt).

You Love To Fail )
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Title: 20 Questions Or Over
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Moira/Erik, based on Moira/Erik/Charles triad
Kink: bondage (other), tickling
Word count: ~3000
Notes: Yet an another fic from the same starting point: Moira and Erik try to find the common ground. Like always, it is on Moira's shoulders to make it work (I think it is because she is the responsible one here)

20 Questions Or Over )
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Title: First Move and Last Move; Or the True Account of the Fall of Sebastian Shaw
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Characters: Azazel, Emma Frost
Kink: exhibitionism, plushie kink
Word count: ~1400
Notes: Magneto may claim that he was the one who killed Shaw, but he wasn't the one who made him fall.

First Move and Last Move )
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Title: Angel Raised Her Hand
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Relations: Erik/Emma/Mystique/Angel
Kink: guns
Word count: ~820
Notes: Family that plays together, stays together.

No sexual content, but some allusion of the matter.

Story this way... )
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Title: Another Lover, Another Love
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Relations: Erik/Raven/Charles
Kink: consent play
Word count: ~660
Notes: Erik likes to push people off the cliffs of their own making, even when they are not willing. (E/R/C triad)

Also written as a fill for an image prompt at Xmen-fistkink meme.

To the story )
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Title: Deep Skin
Fandoms: Push / X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Teresa Stowe (The Stitch) / Emma Frost
Kink: injury
Word Count: 501
Notes: How do you heal an injured diamond? You go see a specialist.

Deep Skin )
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Title: Flower
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Raven/Alex
Kink: bondage (other)
Word count: ~560
Notes: His task is to be decorative.
A short relationship story, best considered perhaps as plot-void fluff, with bondage.

Here be words )
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Title: Picture Me And You
Fandom: X-Men:First Class
Pairing: Charles Xavier / Raven Darkholme
Kink: vanilla
Word count: ~1300
Notes: Raven attempts to play a game with Charles, but like in Calvinball, you can never play with the same set of rules twice.

Thank you all the commentators at [community profile] kb_cafe, who gave valuable pointers and thoughtful suggestions to my questions about the essence of vanilla kink.

Story was also inspired by xmen_firstkink meme prompt: "Charles brings home another random girl, and Raven pretends to be his wife or girlfriend to scare them."

Warning: nothing really sexual

This way to the story )


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