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Uh, I had to buy new bras because all my old ones are either broken or too small (I gain weight, it goes directly to my bra size) and it was an expensive shopping trip, even after the sale discount. And I'm running out of cup sizes - I had to go up to M when previously I was 'just' J >.<

So, anyone know any fun excercise routines, because obviously I need to start losing weight? (I have done Darebee excercises, that is a good site)

I don't know why this summer had been one mad spending spree? I spent time budgeting the month and then I seem to go 'fuck it' and do whatever - and then feel bad for days for spending. That's just stupid! The budget is good and solid, I don't need to do anything but stick with it.

Ugh. I need to go do something useful, like clean or something, I feel terrible.

Ooh, Pen!

Aug. 8th, 2017 11:55 am
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I got the purple Frixon pen!

And the best part is I didn't technically spent any money, because I remembered I have 10 euros left in a bookstore gift card - bam, new pen! :D (I've always lived by the principle that gift card gifts can, and should, be used as frivolously as possible, for the most fun.)

Why yes, the purple ink is lovely, and now I'm going to write a whole bunch, and then erase it through the magic of friction. Yep yep, that will be an excellent way to avoid cleaning today (ugh, cleaning).
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I have no plans for the next two weeks. Upside: I can do whatever, whenever. Downside: most likely I end up doing nothing at all.

But I tried to start with projects: I took my carpet to the cleaners, vacuumed, did the laundry and baked a blueberry pie (though I don't know if its any good, because its just cooling now, but it looks like a pie? With my cooking abilities, that's a pretty great start).

Because it has been such a cool and rainy summer, the berry season is only now going strong - I think I've eaten like three litres of strawberries in the last two weeks, and two litres of blueberries. I'm so stuffed with antioxidants, that I should be all set through winter :D

I'll go eat some pie and be lazy, what else is the summer vacation for?
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In regards of my budget, this is the most dangerous time of the year: school year starter sales!

THERE IS PENS EVERYWHERE. Coloring pens, markers, pencils, highlighters (this years fad is pastel colors - noooo!) and every color imaginable of Frixon Clicker pens, goddammit.

And don't get me started on notebooks. Nope, no, not looking. (I have KonMari'ed my notebooks, I have +10 notebooks that are unopened. The very last thing I need more of, is notebooks)

It's terrible, I don't understand why I have such burning passion for new pens. My old pens are fine! And if I'm writing fiction, I only use this one type of cheap pen that I buy in bulk, so... But purple Frixon pen! I want it!


Camp: Fail

Jul. 31st, 2017 11:14 am
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Well, the Camp was a big fat fail this time around. I didn't get anywhere with the HBB (and honestly, I'm really sick of that story), I didn't come up an idea for UC (so I haven't even signed up, because what's the point) and frankly I didn't write much of anything.

This is so annoying and frustrating, and I don't know what to do to get even some writing done. Even little bit? One tiny story, or something? It's depressing.

In related news, I have one long week of work, and then some more vacation time!
Upside: getting far away from customers (so tired with weird whining. I don't lose my cool against anything customers come up with, but apparently even I have a limit, and its coming up).
Downside: two weeks off halfs my paycheck and destroys my monthly budget for September. I've saved money so it's not going to be a massive problem, it's just that there isn't really any margin for error and that stresses me out.

I wish I had a dog to hug, I would feel better.
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...is the Masterchef final!

And boy, was I glad they didn't have Heston Blumenthal as the final challenge - I didn't like that they had him as both season 7 & 8 finals. I understand why, his recipes are complicated, fiddly and there's a lot of weird, theatrical stuff happening, but final challenge should always be different, I feel.

But anyway, this year the final piece was by Kirsten Tibballs, and it was pretty wild - a trio of realistic looking fruit made of chocolate and tons of other stuff. It was exciting final!

Sigh. Now there isn't much to watch...Until Sunday, when The Block starts! Yay! :D I like The Block: New Zealand, but there's nothing like the Australian version.

Long week ahead at work, and the weather forecast promises a small heatwave toward the weekend. Good for those on summer vacation, terrible for being at work because it gets so hot inside the store. Blargh. Well, I just need to stock up in ice coffees, that will see me through.
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May has started in a chilly weather - and I love it! :D I have woolly socks on, that's amazing. There is actual minus celcius degrees at night! Love it (because I can push window washing to June :P Too cold!)

Other than that, I've been writing a lot in a desperate attempt to get my HBB fic as close to finished as possible, but I think I have to admit a defeat on that and send what I have to my artist - it's hardly fair to make them wait when I'm stuck with the ending. Most of the story is together, so I think they can get a pretty good idea what the story is about? I hope?

The upside is of course that I've been writing a lot! That's amazing, and I wish I can keep going with that, it feels really good.

Next weekend is my mother's birthday party, and I'm so NOT looking forward to that, because there will be lots of relatives that I don't care about and I have to muster some inner will to be polite to, so. Exhausting. Though it's also the Eurovision weekend, so there's that to look forward to!

I'm trying to focus on the positive side here :D
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I got a new, short hair-do - my head feels oddly light, even though I didn't have very long hair before. The hairdresser showed me how to do curls by using the straightening iron (my mom is having a big birthday shindig this year, so I needed some help for fancier look) and it looked so simple! And I'm sure I can never do it myself! I need to practice for few weeks, see if I can replicate it.

Also I need to find a pretty skirt, shoes and some sort of glittery head piece or hair pin - I feel like that's fancy enough and won't blow my budget, since I also need to find a present and book a hotel room for the weekend.

So lots to do! And it's the last week of Camp Nano, and I want to get this fic beaten into submission - I have easy week coming up, so I have time to write too /knock on wood

Dinner, coffee and writing, in that order!
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I have discovered the deliciousness that's tea with a wedge of lemon! I'm a strict 'milk and sugar' with my aproach to tea, but I bought lemons because I wanted to try baking a pie (I know! Me! Baking! The end is nigh). Anyway, I only needed the peel, so then I was left with the actual lemon flesh to use. I plopped wedge into my tea and wow. It's tart, but it enhances the tea flavor, so when you happen to have a good tea to start with, then...Yum!

Also the pie turned out alright - it's the quark pie that my mom used to make when we were kids, and I happened to find the recipe (my mom lost her copy when she moved, and she didn't remember the name of the pie). It was delicious, but even when I split the recipe in half, I still had a big tray of it - maybe too much pie for one person. But I baked something and it was edible, so whoo! :D Success!
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Well, writing isn't going very well and I feel like I've tried everything possible to break through this stupid writer's block. Blargh, urgh, blah. Every time I start writing, my inner critic rushes over to point out that everything I write is stupid and will be most definetly hated and mocked.
So, how do you shut up the inner critic? With a ball gag?

Work has been nice though, and I had a fun gift-card shopping spree with all the birthday and Christmas presents - I got the new KonMari book with even more tips and tricks, and several brands of fancy organic coffee. Now I just have to return to my KonMari project - the books says that's it fine to take a break if you need one, just keep the end goal in mind and it's easer to get back to the tidying (I suppose that is a fine advice for writing as well).

We got a new brand of salt soaps at work, and we all got a tester - I think I'm going to go have a luxorious soak. Good way to spent the Monday evening, right?
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I started writing the Hobbit Big Bang idea, and I'm using some of the NaNoWriMo crawls for it. I'm trying not to get too worried about if it's any good or any of that stuff, I'm only trying to get some words at this point.

My niece turned one year old this week, good grief! What happened with time? o.O Before I know she'll be going to Uni or something... I send her some books, can't have too many books. Also her tactic to attack literature is to gnaw the books, so I thought it's not that bad if she gets several copies of the same thing.

I happened to get a bookshop gift card for my birthday, I was thinking maybe I should buy the new KonMari book - since my KonMari project has gone to a stand still. I should get back to it, when I have next day off...

But writing first!
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I signed up for the Hobbit Big Bang, now I need to start planning! I haven't really written anything this year, even though I wanted to go back to the slowly progressing daily wordcount thing I did last year.
I'll start today! (promise)

On happy bureacracy news, there was a drop in the general housing allowance that I get, but I didn't loose it completely, yay! And I got a new job contract for this year with a bit more hours promised, so hopefully the Public Employment Services don't bother with me (I'm working more, they should be pleased?).

Yep, so, I'm going to get right on that writing thing.
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Darn, I want to sign up to that, even if I promised myself that no more exchanges. Though technically speaking, I would be keeping that promise since it's a Big Bang, not an exchange (as such). Very different things!

I'm not sure if I have a workable idea, though. I have some bits and pieces in my notebook that i could work further, plus I've always wanted to try writing a modern Middle-earth. I could come up with something.

Well, maybe I decide tomorrow, when the 2017 is officially here. Happy New Year!
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Starting in January, the governement is bringing up "new" ways to deal with the unemployed - mostly it's just buttload of the same old bureacracy that the Public Employment Services have tried to get rid of, mostly because that type of bureacracy costs a lot, wastes everyones time and doesn't help any. So. /roll eyes
(Though my friend was excited, mainly because she's hoping to get a job at the PES office, so now that they are faced with tons of work, maybe they'll hire more people :P)

I don't know if these new bureacratic measures affect me or not, and that's pretty stressful. I have a part-time job, so possibly in the PES point of view I am employed (they might not differentiate how much work you have, just that you have it) and they won't bother me with the new bureacracy. Or the new orders include everyone listed at PES, in which case I can expect hilarious phone calls in the lines of: "Tell me your plans to find a job? - I already have a job - alright, I'll call again in three months."

Sigh. Well, there's no point to worry about it, since bureacracy works in the mysterious ways that we are not supposed to understand, only marvel.
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Phew, I'm knackered and there's still two more days to go - no matter how well I know that Christmas season means a lot of work, it still comes as a surprise every year. Though I did try magnesium supplements and my feet don't really hurt that much, it's great.

For Christmas I have big plans of wearing pajamas all day, watching Die Hard (my favorite Christmas movie :D) and eating raw chocolate, and NOT speaking to anyone. Total seclusion! I'm sick of people!

...Well, I can't be sick of people yet, because there's two more days left and I have to keep smiling and selling stuff. But Saturday morning, full on silence starts!

Or, with my luck, I crash down with the head cold. No, I don't want to, knock on wood!
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I woke up 6 am. to the snowplowers, and after one cup of coffee I suddenly felt like this is the morning to konmari my dvd collection. Hour later it was sorted! I have found that the mood is rather critical on this - when it feels like you are ready to sort stuff, it's good to listen to that feeling, because the whole process will go quick. (Officially I should be sorting through the papers at this point, but that's not working, so I'm skipping ahead.)

150 dvd's out, 200 stays. Surprising numbers, because I was absolutely certain that I have +400 dvd's, but nope, not even close. I'm packing the dvd's and hauling them to the cellar storage for now, I was thinking that I could get someone to give me a lift to the recycling center in the spring, so I could take everything at one go. Also, someone had broken my storage locker door, so if anyone feels like stealing the stuff meant for recycling, that would be great because then I don't have to do anything at all! :P

Anyway, it's clear now that I won't finish the KonMari round until the New Year, but hopefully before summer? That would be great.
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It's the annual birthday angst day!

Every year I feel like I should be doing something special and memorable, but birthday ends up being just the plain old day like any other. I don't know how to spent it right! I never can come up with something I wouldn't (or couldn't) do in any other day as well.

I did eat a big piece of chocolate cake, so that was something. Also, I spent 25 minutes in the line for the post office - and when I stepped out of the post office, I got an automatic message from the post office that I have a packet waiting for me. D'oh! >.< So now I have to go stand in line again tomorrow, because the message didn't arrive three minutes earlier when I was still at the post office counter. (Well, maybe not tomorrow, I have a long day at work and I'm probably too tired and hungry to stand another 25 minutes in the line).

Good riddance birthday, let's not see each other for another year.
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I did the book decluttering step of KonMari.

Upside: my tiny bookshelf looks neat and tiny, and there's actually room! And I don't have books anywhere else but in the bookshelf, which in itself is amazing achievement.

Downside: the second-hand bookshop owner totally played me and I fell for his sobstory, goddammit. Now I feel stupid for not asking more for my books - they were neat and in good condition, and I just agreed to give them away for basically nothing.

Alright, in all honesty, I was planning to donate the books anyway, I just spotted the second-hand bookstore and went in to ask if they would buy my books. So instead dragging the books to the Red Cross donation spot across the town, I just donated them to an old geezer two blocks over, who now can sell them, get a profit and pay his sales person his salary. So, still a good deed? Even though I was bit gullible about it?

Gah. I knew books would be a difficult step for me, but I didn't think it would be in this particular way.
I need coffee.
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I've been trying to declutter my home following the KonMari method, and I'm only in the second step - the books.

I'm looking at the pile of books I have, and I'm both surprised how few (?) and how many books I have - I'm pretty sure I own more than this, but for the world of me I can't figure out where they are... But I clearly remember some books that I have but I haven't found. Strange!

This going through stuff is surprisingly exhausting, and I do hope the method holds true in that I don't have to do this again. Because I think one time is quite enough of this!

Sigh. Coffee break!
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The budgeting system I started to follow back in January has proven to be a good choice: I'll reach my saving goal for this year in next month! Yay :D Now, what to do?

Several people have asked am I planning to study something this fall - first I was amused, after the third person asked the same I started to think that, well, I could study something. The Uni offers the basic studies of Business Economics, and it covers interesting stuff, like marketing, management and entrepreneurship. So, I could use the saved money for those courses (around here, Uni studies are free if you are accepted in the Uni, but everyone can study the same things through the Open University program, you just have to pay a fee for every course).

It's a big chunk of money for the whole set of basic studies (it's cheaper overall if I pay for all of the courses I want to take at once, instead one by one) but it would be something interesting to do since the summer season is over and my hours will drop again until the Christmas sale season.

It's just that I've tried to study these things before, and I failed pretty miserably, so I would rather not waste the money again. On the other hand, I know more about the math side of things now, so there's hope I could pass the accounting part of the studies. And I glanced all the course books in the library, those didn't look too complicated.

Gah! I can't decide :(


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