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Title: Completely Safe (Registered Trademark)
Fandoms: Iron Man (movie) / Tinkerbell (Disney Fairies)
Pairing: Pepper Potts / Tinkerbell (Ms. Tink Bell)
Kink: bondage (other)
Word count: 501
Notes: human!Tink AU, where she presents her latest prototype to Ms. Potts, causing something of a sudden reaction in her.

Completely Safe (Registered Trademark) )
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These are a short stories written for a challenge at Femslash Land community. The challenge consists of 50 different pieces of fiction. I chose to divide this, so that one crossover femslash couple gets 5 fills. However, all stories should make sense on their own, no matter which you read and in what order (I hope). Length of the stories varies from one sentence to drabble, or beyond.

Here are the fills 1-5 and 6-10.

Emma and Pepper, Mary and Gemma )
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I went back to the Rounds of Kink when a prompt just sparked a fic idea. The prompt was for Iron Man, with the kink first time and one given line: "Don't get any ideas; I'm still the boss of you," she said.
This fic was the result.

Title: Blitzkrieg
Fandom: Iron Man
Pairing: Tony Stark / Pepper Potts
Notes: The first time Tony Stark didn’t know what to do or what to think when it came to a woman and almost the first time he got to the first base with Pepper Potts.

Blitzkrieg )
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Title: The Necessity
Fandom: Iron Man
Pairing: Pepper Potts / Tony Stark
Kink: crossdressing; underwear
Word count: 950
Notes: silly story. Silly, silly story. Pepper wear Tony's underwear, hah! I don't know. I'm like... So freaked out by the concept of it :p

The Necessity )


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