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X-Men: First Class Remix is over!

I got absolutely glorious remix of my story The Quiet Ones, the Remix was: Absolution by arcapelago

It's really good, and so damn clever, a whole new level of dark. I love it so much!
I tried to guess which one of my stories would caught a remixers eye, and I would've never guessed this one would get the honor.

I wrote three stories, one main recipient and two madness stories. All the recipients seemed to like the results, so that's good!

Also, I posted six finished KB stories. Didn't get a line bingo, but I figured that I better just post what I have instead waiting for the very last minute in the hopes I would finish the squares. Bingo or not, at least I can get a card in the upcoming new round.

I know I said this last year, and then failed at it, but I'm going to try it again: no more XMFC stories. I'm going to finish Path, and then that's it. Done, crossing the finish line, having a fancy victory dance!

Of course I'll sign up for Kink Bingo, but other than that, I don't know what I'll write, if anything. I'm going to see how I feel.
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Yes, I wrote one Kink Bingo square:
Signatures and Tokens for 'pictures'.

I'm missing two squares for a line, and two fics for the extra (none that matters, because it's amnesty and I could just post the whole mess now and be done with it). The caning fic I remember I had almost done, and oral fixation I could easily find something unfinished and/or prompt from a meme. So it's not impossible to get a line before amnesty ends. Though I'm not sure when exactly that is, but usually there has been a last call.

In addition to this finished fic, I wrote a big 5K chunk at once for completely new idea. I don't know what's going on with my head o.O Why won't the writing flows hit for something I need to finish? That's an interesting question.

More reports, when there's more progress (not if, when :P)
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1000 words on a Yuletide fic (I need a non-fandom specific code name for it), combined two different Path-files together, so I have 3500 words of no-gaps story (the gaps are the hurdle), and almost 3K worth of a new story (I wasn't supposed to start anything, but oh well.) on top of that.

And I have an itch to write something really filthy. I don't know if it's a gritty murder or just graphic sex or what, but I've been scouring different kink memes to see if I could find a prompt that sparks something. Though KB still haunts me, and I keep trying to fit every prompt to my KB squares. That's not good. I want to write something quick and nasty and bleak.
I don't know why. Maybe it's the November - it's too warm and there's no snow and it's dark all the time. No time for cheerful writing.

Few more Pomodoro rounds left today, I have to see what comes out of it.
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Kink Bingo is over, but Kink Bingo goes on!

I didn't get a single bingo, but I decided I'm going to be fine with that - Amnesty bingo is still a bingo, isn't that right? And I want those 8 postage stamps, dammit!

Speaking of, I finished the third postage stamp today: Picture Burn. It's a strange little tale about fauns and satyrs and porn movies. It was fun to write, I banged it out in four days, which is massive accomplishment considering my writing speed (slow).

I have also written big blocks of Path, that's good. It still needs massive amounts of work, and I have no clue about the ending. I want a proper conclusion, but the damn story keeps unfolding.

+ Yuletide, A/B/O Femslash-Het ficathon, and Crossover Exchange are all coming up. The a/b/o ladies is first, it's actually already the week I'm supposed to post, but I have like, 200 words. I'm not going to do anything massively big for it, I'm thinking 2K or so. Then Yuletide of course, and then Crossover Exchange (the assignments haven't been sent out yet on that exchange).

But yeah. Path. My darling, exhausting problem child. Story, be done.
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Dear Diary,
it has been a long time since we last saw!

I've been avoiding my journal because I'm having a Kink Bingo guilt/anxiety - under a week left and I'm still three squares away from a bingo. My plans from the start of KB haunt and mock me in true Halloween fashion.

Since I last posted, I did managed to complete one more chapter to Path (around 5K. And I'm very confident that the next chapter will be the last. And this time I mean it. I'm not writing this next year, I'm not. No.), one postage stamp (One Drink High, ~4700 words) and one square (Date for Halloween, ~1300 words.

But mostly I've been staring at the screen and stressing about writing instead writing. I read somewhere that when a project doesn't move, there is two ways to deal with it: either drop the project completely or finish the project quickly.
So, KB. Either I drop the idea of getting a line bingo and admit my defeat this year OR wrote short and quick things for the three remaining squares. Those are the options.

Not ideal, but either way, at least there would be a finish line.
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I noticed that it has been awhile since I took a look about my writing docket, so why not now.

Upsides first: I have + 3000 words on the (hopefully) last chapter of Path, 1800 word meme fill (out of whim), 4800 word Kink Bingo fill (posted), 3 squares started, the Tentacle fic is around 3000 words and the Maid fic has about 500 words typed and 4 or 5 pages handwritten.

Downsides: whole bunch of things started, nothing much finished.

A big downside. There is two months left on KB, I would really like to have a bingo by then. Also, finishing Path? That would be really great, a serious victory dance time.

Back to the keyboard then, writing gets fics finished.
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Alright, I mapped the last chapter of Path and I'm keeping up the steady 500 words/day rhythm so it wouldn't take so long to finish this fic for real.

I also made a list of my KB plan. Last year I got a new card after every line bingo, this year my plan was to stick to this first card and do several stamps (2x2's) - possibly all the way to the prize achievement of 8 stamps.
The bingo line I'm thinking to do with Avengers and get a Moresome/Poly achievement out of it - I only have one square done, but I have started three others and I'm trying to come up ideas for pervertibles (it shouldn't be too difficult with this movie, there is so much gear around).

I have 4 postage stamps started, two for XMFC (mpreg+tentacles and maid+tea service) and two for Avengers (deflowering Hulk and Alpha-Natasha), but I don't know. I'm not feeling it. Maybe it's leftover exhaustion from these projects but after I push Path over the finish line, I don't think I want to write XMFC anymore.

Sure, the postage stamps are well underway, but I can scrap them and start over with something else (and apparently tentacles work with everything, according the Kink Wiki) OR I finish those two postage stamps and then move on, depending how I come up with new ideas.

The question is, move on to what? Either I go look for something completely new, or go back to the old playgrounds, as in Disney Kink. Maybe this is the perfect excuse to watch ridiculous amount of movies in the midst of all the Olympic sports?
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Yes, the big smut fic is finished! Not quite 10K what I feared, but close:

Pink Dust ~8 800 words.

I rewrote/edited this bugger for three days straight, my brain is fried. And I'm sick of writing porn, good thing that the two remaining fics in this project are GEN more than anything (Path might have a sex scene, but that's it)

I'm so relieved that this is finished! And that I got it posted successfully, it's not a small task when AO3 has been unreliable and KB tagging takes time. Especially when I managed to cram 20 kinks in this one fic, I think that might be my record.

Yes, victory dance!
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Title: You Love To Fail
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Relations: Erik/Logan/Charles
Kink: shaving/depilation, caning, bondage (wrist/ankle), free square (bondage other)
Word count: ~1400
Notes: Written for xmen_firstkink meme prompt: "Charles likes to act like a bit of a brat in the bedroom in order to get taught a lesson by Erik and Logan. Erik and Logan argue about how much is too much while Charles just really loves both of their methods."

Story is a stand-alone, but it can also be read in line with the two fills for the same prompt, my another fill Green Light and OP's own fill "In Other Bedrooms" (same link as the prompt).

You Love To Fail )
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Title: 20 Questions Or Over
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Moira/Erik, based on Moira/Erik/Charles triad
Kink: bondage (other), tickling
Word count: ~3000
Notes: Yet an another fic from the same starting point: Moira and Erik try to find the common ground. Like always, it is on Moira's shoulders to make it work (I think it is because she is the responsible one here)

20 Questions Or Over )
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Title: First Move and Last Move; Or the True Account of the Fall of Sebastian Shaw
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Characters: Azazel, Emma Frost
Kink: exhibitionism, plushie kink
Word count: ~1400
Notes: Magneto may claim that he was the one who killed Shaw, but he wasn't the one who made him fall.

First Move and Last Move )
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Title: Close The Line
Fandom: The Expendables
Character: Lee Christmas
Kink: piercings / needle play
Word count: ~950
Notes: Lee convinces a doctor to let him treat his own wound.

Story )
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Title: The Beast
Fandom: Jane Austen's Fight Club
Character: Mrs. Anne Wentworth
Kink: held down
Word count: ~700
Notes: JAFC is a fake trailer, created by a group of Austen fans. Anne from 'Persuasion' doesn't actually appear in the trailer, but I was watching the BBC's 2007 version (Sally Hawkins as Anne), so I just wrote her in the Fight Club. She is such a nice girl, she would kick ass and take names.

Story )
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Title: Open Road
Fandom: Transporter 3
Characters: Frank Martin (/Valentina)
Kink: Bondage (other)
Word count: ~690
Notes: Rule number one: never change the deal (not even when your every instinct tells you to change the deal).

Story )
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Title: Hold On To Your Little Piece of Heaven
Fandom: Bitch Slap
Character: The twist of the movie is that Trixie is Pinky. In the cut scene Trixie wears a locket with a picture of a child named Lily. My interpretation: Lily=Trixie=Pinky
Kink: role play
Word count: ~600
Notes: You can't discard things you still use - especially when its someone like Trixie.

Story )
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Title: Visiting Hour
Fandom: The Mechanic
Characters: Arthur Bishop (/Sarah)
Kink: vanilla
Word count: ~620
Notes: It takes a certain mindset to be a mechanic, but in odd occasion, Arthur indulges on other mindsets.

Visiting Hour )


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