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I finished and posted one of the three Project fics!

Wild Charms (6 727 words)

I wrote nothing but that whole day yesterday. I decided to follow the trader rule of thumb: "Cut your losses short but let your profits run."

That story pulled yesterday, it felt easy to write it, so I abandoned all time constraints and let it run. Perhaps it would've been wise to let the story rest for few days and then glance at it again, but to be brutally honest with myself, I've rewritten that story so many times that I don't know if there was a way to make a good story out of it anymore.
So I cut my losses at that point, and called it done.

Now, time to turn focus on the other two!
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Title: You Love To Fail
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Relations: Erik/Logan/Charles
Kink: shaving/depilation, caning, bondage (wrist/ankle), free square (bondage other)
Word count: ~1400
Notes: Written for xmen_firstkink meme prompt: "Charles likes to act like a bit of a brat in the bedroom in order to get taught a lesson by Erik and Logan. Erik and Logan argue about how much is too much while Charles just really loves both of their methods."

Story is a stand-alone, but it can also be read in line with the two fills for the same prompt, my another fill Green Light and OP's own fill "In Other Bedrooms" (same link as the prompt).

You Love To Fail )


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