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Yes, the big smut fic is finished! Not quite 10K what I feared, but close:

Pink Dust ~8 800 words.

I rewrote/edited this bugger for three days straight, my brain is fried. And I'm sick of writing porn, good thing that the two remaining fics in this project are GEN more than anything (Path might have a sex scene, but that's it)

I'm so relieved that this is finished! And that I got it posted successfully, it's not a small task when AO3 has been unreliable and KB tagging takes time. Especially when I managed to cram 20 kinks in this one fic, I think that might be my record.

Yes, victory dance!
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Yes, it's true: The Giant fell!

Meant For Each Other (For Certain) ~21K

The whole thing is in the kink meme in 30 parts, but I'll post it all at the AO3 today - I only had time for the first part this morning.

But it is finished, oh wow, I still can't believe it! Time for VICTORY LAP!

One fic left in this project, I think I can see the finish line glimmering in the horizon...
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Title: Another Lover, Another Love
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Relations: Erik/Raven/Charles
Kink: consent play
Word count: ~660
Notes: Erik likes to push people off the cliffs of their own making, even when they are not willing. (E/R/C triad)

Also written as a fill for an image prompt at Xmen-fistkink meme.

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Title: Picture Me And You
Fandom: X-Men:First Class
Pairing: Charles Xavier / Raven Darkholme
Kink: vanilla
Word count: ~1300
Notes: Raven attempts to play a game with Charles, but like in Calvinball, you can never play with the same set of rules twice.

Thank you all the commentators at [community profile] kb_cafe, who gave valuable pointers and thoughtful suggestions to my questions about the essence of vanilla kink.

Story was also inspired by xmen_firstkink meme prompt: "Charles brings home another random girl, and Raven pretends to be his wife or girlfriend to scare them."

Warning: nothing really sexual

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