Camp: Fail

Jul. 31st, 2017 11:14 am
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Well, the Camp was a big fat fail this time around. I didn't get anywhere with the HBB (and honestly, I'm really sick of that story), I didn't come up an idea for UC (so I haven't even signed up, because what's the point) and frankly I didn't write much of anything.

This is so annoying and frustrating, and I don't know what to do to get even some writing done. Even little bit? One tiny story, or something? It's depressing.

In related news, I have one long week of work, and then some more vacation time!
Upside: getting far away from customers (so tired with weird whining. I don't lose my cool against anything customers come up with, but apparently even I have a limit, and its coming up).
Downside: two weeks off halfs my paycheck and destroys my monthly budget for September. I've saved money so it's not going to be a massive problem, it's just that there isn't really any margin for error and that stresses me out.

I wish I had a dog to hug, I would feel better.
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Camp NaNo is going a bit slow, but in its way just fine - I'm at 5K from the 10K goal, its just that I don't have time to write every day. Especially since it's the annual festival weekend and the town is packed with people (and hopefully customers). So busy time at work. Also I'm stuck with the HBB fic, and I don't know how to end the damn thing.

I've been trying to come up with ideas for the Unconventional Courtship, but I haven't found any summaries to spark my interest. Maybe I could work on the ideas from last summer, to get through the camp.

I just need to get 5K and it's a wrap on Camp for the summer! Not too bad, I'm sure I can do it.
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Yay, remix done and the recipient enjoyed it, so it's all good! I pushed the editing right to the deadline with a mad dash - long days at work and warm weather are not good combination for my writing brain. But I think the story turned out alright, so mission accomplished!

I joined the Camp Nano cabin, but it's not a fun cabin for me - most of the people are old-school NaNo people, who have known each other for ages, so they have lots of inside jokes and they like to talk about RL stuff. Which is fine, it's a chat, they can talk whatever they like - it just makes me uncomfortable because it feels like I'm eavesdropping on private conversations between friends.

Anyway. I put the HBB fic as my goal to finish during Camp, so I'm going to go read it through what I have so far and then keep going with that. I need to get that finished and off my mind, it has been dragging on too long. If I get it finished soon-ish, I could start planning the Unconventional Courtship?

Yep, that's the plan for the Camp!
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NaNo Camp is done, and I finished in the grand number of 11 112! (Complete accident, not by design - though ending in eleven would've been fun :D)

But the panicked writing still continues, because I promised the person who claimed my story in the Bang that I would mail the finished thing to them this week. And it's not finished you see, because I'm trying to rapidly rewrite it. Oops?

So, not the greatest use of time I've ever had, for example I had 9 (!) zero days during NaNo, and with even 500 words a day I could have had 4.5K done. But no! Can't have that, need to leave everything to last possible minute...

Better not waste anymore time then! Typing, quick smart!
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Oh, this week has gone terribly writing wise. I'm still stuck in the little over 10K - official Camp Nano win right there, so maybe that squashed my motivation? So no chance on the lipstick. One more week to earn it until Camp is over, darn it.

Ok, I have to admit that I have made wrong choices all week - when I had time to write, I chose to do something else that was not really important. Rookie mistake! Writing time is for writing, that's the rule number one during any Nano.

Sigh. We need to rally, writing brain!
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I didn't reach the lipstick-goal - second week in a row, boo. But it's a new week, a new try; 7K in Sunday the 23th, and the lipstick is mine! (Or possibly mascara, because I'm running out of that, and Zuii Organics has a great one that I like)

I did however reach the 10K goal, so I can go order the raw chocolate I wanted! I'm probably going to go with Lovechock, Loving Earth, or the best, the glorious, Pana Chocolate - piece of that is like revelation what chocolate can truly be.

So, I've got three zero days in a row, but I need to get past this slump because the artist claims have started in the Big Bang, and in the of chance someone claims mine, it would be nice to have a piece ready for them to read and get an idea of the story. Camp Rewrite for this week, I think.

But first, a bit of celebration about 10K! Yay! :D
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I'm 197 words away from 10K and NOW my writing brain decides its done with this whole Nano thing.

Oh, c'mon! I could order bunch of delicious raw chocolate bars, if only there was 197 words more - and if there was whole 4K more by tomorrow, I could get the lipstick! Think of the lipstick, writing brain?!? (writing brain doesn't care, that's the problem)

I got the HBB rough draft send in time, but now I don't like how I changed my original Unconventional Courtship -concept, and I want to change it back - which means rewriting the whole thing. Not a problem in a way that I planned to do that anyway, but I had an ending in mind and now it all has to be rehauled. Ugh. Maybe that's why the writing brain is stumped.

Oh, idea: if I eat some raw chocolate, it will jolt my writing brain to work, because there's no more chocolate until that 10K is done. 197! That's nothing, this darn post is longer than that!
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I didn't reach my "10K by Sunday" reward - it's Sunday, I have to go to work, there's no more I can do, so no lipstick for me. Boo.

But I do have about 7K, so that's really great! Considering that I haven't written a drop this year, it's amazing wordcount. I'm really happy with that, even though I'm not really excited about the story - I'm hammering it together, but of course it's feeling forced when I'm forcing it to happen.

I think I'm going to switch gears for the next Camp week, and work on the "Gentleman Behind the Veil" from last summer.

So new wager: 7K (1K a day) until next Sunday, and the lipstick shall be mine!
(whatever more I manage to write today won't count)

I've chosen the lipstick already, it's Zuii Organics 'Cashmere', so I can go look at the picture occasionally and admire it - surprisingly motivating! :D
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It's April, and that means Camp Nano!

I had a good start, I'm trying to get the Hobbit Big Bang together since that deadline is the closest (though there haven't been any activity at the community since February, so I'm not sure if the Bang is still going forward or not...But I'm writing my story anyway, because why not? It would be great to finish a story this year) I have a rough outline about what needs to happen and when, so I can just write whatever bit I feel like and I can string the story together when I edit.

The cabin seems nice, not terribly chatty but that's fine, we are all busy writing after all!

And now my official Camp Nano -carrot for myself: I can order three (3) bars of expensive raw chocolate when I hit the 10K mark, and if I hit it before the 9th, I can also order one (1) cosmetic item from the same shop (including, but not limited to, a lipstick).

Now, let's write! :D

Bye NaNo!

Nov. 30th, 2016 10:32 am
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I got my winner's badge, though I have to admit that it's a rebel-rebel-rebel NaNo win.
But there was that one shiny week of old-school NaNo writing, which I'm very proud of! And I didn't give up, but just adjusted the writing plan and kept on going. That's great too!

I also learned about the greatness of the word crawls, and I tried to plan my story before hand using the beat sheets as help. It would be interesting to try using the beat sheet to WIP's I have - I think it would help me to see where the story has stalled, or if there's a beat missing somewhere. Especially the Unconventional Courtship story that I have kept on writing since summer - it would be fun to finish it some day :D (not that I would post it anywhere, but for my own personal satisfaction of finishing it the way I imagined it back in June).

Lots of work coming up before Christmas, but I'm hoping to keep up some sort of writing rhythm, now that I remember how to start writing every day.
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Few days left, and my NaNo project is a tangled mess.

The first week went perfectly with the official NaNo style - one story, the 1667 a day, steady as can be.

Then second week my own story stalled so I shifted to fic writing, but still - one story, the 1667(ish) a day, no problem.

Third week I hit the wall with the fic too, so I tried to get the words by writing short things in my notebook (all that I now have to type in document to add to the official word count).

Fourth week, this week, I had a lot of work hours. (There was a Black Friday sale in the shopping center. Why are we having a Black Friday, when it doesn't mean anything around these parts you ask (and customers also asked)? Beats me. Sounds snappy in the marketing materials?) So writing got sidelined, but I got some bits and pieces done here and there. My notebook is one big mess, let me tell you.

So now I'm trying to get a picture how behind I really am, how big last minute manic rush I need on Wednesday and do I get the NaNo banner or not?
It's a rebel-rebel win (again), but I still want it!
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Despite my valiant efforts of careful planning (as in, slapdash and vague), my original story didn't progress much beyond the first week of NaNo. I was starting to like my characters, but they didn't work on the concept I had for the story.

So, after a few zero days, I gave up and shifted to fic writing. Rebel NaNo it is!

I had such high hopes for my own story, and I had fun writing it at the start, so I'm somewhat disappointed. But Rebel Win is still a win, so I'm going to aim for that!

Thirteen days left!
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It's day five of NaNo, and I'm keeping up with the par - it creates these pretty, even columns in the graphic.

I did come up with names (and genders) for my three main characters, but the buggers are shifting around the story. Who is the protagonist? What does she want? That would be really helpful to know by now. Ugh.

So I'm bogged down by my own indecision, which is just part of the NaNo experience!

It's a good start though, here's hoping it will last all the way to the end...
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Only few days left until NaNo!

I've been working on story beat sheets, which are pretty great - easy way to think the whole story. I still don't have any names for the characters, and actually I keep going back and forth if they are even men or women - so not a good start there. I know what they should do, just not who they really are! Troublesome.

I would like to have a clear plan for the first week, because that way it will be easier to keep going.

Ready, steady...NaNo!
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A week left until NaNo!

I have a vague concept of the story, three characters without names (names are the worst, I can never choose), and I found a few prompt generators that might help when the inevitable block hits.
Also there's a local kick-off meeting planned for Monday! So, ready-set-go?

Just one problem. I haven't really written anything since August. Uh oh?

Which means hitting the word count on the 1st of November will be a serious struggle, I know it.
Alright, it's always a struggle, that's what I have learned from the three previous rounds of NaNo crazyness. The possible easy writing days won't come until the middle, and to get there is always a battle. But when you hit that stride, it's pretty amazing.

Well, I have time now! A few ten minute writing sprees to warm up to the thought that I need dozens of those in a day for thirty days straight...
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I have some ideas doodled for NaNo - also I created the novel, downloaded a cover picture + named the story project. Solid start!

I need some warm-up writing challenges for the next weeks, because it will be too big of a leap to go from 0 words to 1667 a day. It's not impossible, but it's just unnecessary hard.

I bought CA:Civil War blu-ray, and oh dear, on second time around I liked the movie even less. I was plain bored and went to wash the dishes half way through. That is not a good thing. Oh dear. :(

Well, back to planning...NaNo is coming!
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Darn it, what's wrong with my creative brain? The daily word count thing has been absolute battle, and I've more fail days than success days - and the word count needed isn't even high! It's ridiculously low, in fact! I don't know, it just feels so darn impossible.

I've been trying to collect ideas from different prompt generators and such, just in case I'll find the writing groove for NaNo. At this pace, there's no point to even try, because it will be an instant fail. :(

Maybe the problem is that I haven't found an idea or a concept that would really get me excited, it all just feels sort of...murky. Blah.

Six weeks until NaNo, there's still time to find the lost groove.
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August just swooshed by, I can't believe it. It's not long until the Christmas season sales starts, unbelievable.

Writing wise, August went up and down; I got a good stretch of writing with a set daily word count (it wasn't high word count, but still) but then I missed a few days and I couldn't get back on track again. So that was a disappointment.

But another month, another try of getting the routine down. It's not long until NaNoWriMo, so perhaps I should start planning something for it. Since I got zero ideas, it might take a while.

Sigh. Won't writing ever get any easier? I suppose it won't, but still. Damn.
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Sigh. This was rather terrible Camp Nano - I didn't manage a single kink bingo square, when my original plan was to get the line bingo. And I didn't come up with a different project, so I basically shifted the goal to editing the 'Hank/Alex Unconventional Courtship' -fic from the last Camp - and even that didn't really work, because that fic is still unfinished. :(

So. I got the Nano win, but honestly, the 10K was just a big pile of word fudging so it doesn't feel like a win.

It's almost August! And around here, that means that schools are about to start, which in turn means there's a lot of notebooks, pens and stuff on display in the stores. And that means that I'm locked in a battle with my inner child who wants ALL THE PENS and ALL THE NOTEBOOKS (like, one with Captain America and one with Iron Man and one with...)

I have enough empty notebooks that I could write longhand for every single day for a year and I still wouldn't run out of paper, and enough pens to go with that. So, pretty sure I don't need more. Except there are pens that have ink that smells like candy!?! :D (no, I didn't buy them, the grown-up part over ruled the excited child part, but I really wanted them)

But honestly, would one more pen be that bad?
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Ten days of Nano, and already I have three zero days :( That's not a good start.

Part of the problem is that I haven't settled on a project yet - I've been adding bits and pieces on different stories, but that won't carry through the whole month (well, three zero days already, so...)

I should have two long, new stories I can shift back and forth, because that has been so far the best system for me.

But where to get those two big ideas? So far anything I've gotten haven't really grabbed me. Well, there's still three weeks left.


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