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I started doing Camp NaNoWriMo - just for myself, I didn't sign-up for it officially. It's gone alright, my day goal is 1666, and I have missed the mark twice. One zero day, one 1K day.
It's not an amazing story, but I don't think that's the point of NaNo's; I just want to know if I can do it.

I didn't plan the story at all, I've been simply typing until the word count is there. I might have end up with 50K of pointless drivel but in any case, 50K of anything is an accomplishment.

Maybe it's because of that, but yesterday I got teeny tiny flicker of interest toward The WIP - I edited and wrote almost 1K to it. Amazing! I haven't had such a reaction to it for... who knows how long. Now, how to keep that frail happy feeling going?
It's much easier to write when it feels good & easy to do so, instead when every word is a painful struggle. I want to keep the happy feeling!

KB is stalling, because I can't come up with fandoms to write with. All my ideas circle around the Avengers, which, alright, but I did plan to try something new. But from all the things, KB shouldn't be struggle-writing. It should be fun, right? I think it should.
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I got my bingo card, looks great! This time I don't have a problem with the kinks though, I have a problem with fandoms. What to write? I have no idea.

Well, I have some idea. It can't be XMFC, that's for sure. Something else. And I really don't want to do Avengers either, not for all of it.
Maybe I need to take a look of my dvd closet (yes, a closet. Movies fall out when you open the door. It scares people.) and make a list of things that look interesting. Try something new.

I'm trying to get back to Path, I was really disheartened about it in Midsummer. It was Fic Rush weekend, I still couldn't get the damn thing in better shape.
But now I had a week off, so time to give it another go. It's not an impossible task, I can do it. I will do it.
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I forgot one update, but the fic isn't finished today, so I have to add more time to the project.
Middle part is still a mess, and I don't know how to sort it out.

Achieved: 4000 words, edited 6 pages.

To improve: few scenes still missing.

Goals: 1000 words.

Project continues!
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As always seems to go, one step forward, two steps back.

Monday was a complete wash, and today wasn't much better. I have to tackle the tricky parts of the story sooner or later, and I'm lacking workable ideas. And when the going gets tough, the tough start doing something else. Instead working on Path, I wrote two pages worth of something else.
Obviously I need to focus better.

Accomplished: around (new) 500 words.

To improve: better word count, more focused editing.

Goals: finish patching together the first whole draft.

And next update coming in Thursday!
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Productive two days of writing!

Pieced almost the whole middle section together, and realized that I was missing a scene there, which solved the problem with other two parts. That will help when I get past the middle part toward the end.

I was also thinking what kind of note I should write for the last chapter. I feel like I owe an apology because it took me so long to finish this story, but I have no other reason to offer except 'I was sick and tired of this story and it blocked like mad' -- pointless thing to say.
I have to think about it. What do writers usually put on their wips?

Accomplished: first complete draft halfway done - 6 300 words, + about 900-1100 new words bridging parts together.

To improve: there are plenty of rough parts, which means editing will take a lot of time.

Goals: writing a missing scene. Starting editing.

Next update, Tuesday!
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Slow start, slow.
I bribed myself to write with an ice-cream sandwich. And I keep going to the kink meme, reading prompts and wishing I could write them. It's like being in a candy store without money.
But them's the breaks.

Accomplished: I went through the bits and pieces, and draw up an outline for the last chapter. Compiled one part together, approximately 830 words.

To improve: haven't used the pomodoro technique.

Goals: finish one section, write 1000 words.

Next check-in day, Sunday!
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Project Finish Line!

Goal: finish last chapter of Path. Project ends at Midsummer Day, 22nd of June.

Problems: chapter is in several pieces that don't fit together. Change of plot point, that has to be removed from the finished pieces, details/plot points from the earlier chapters don't line up.
Lots of editing.

Strengths: almost all major bits + epilogue are done, structure is clear.

Next step: straightening up the document folder - what bits will stay, what will be cut. Going back to pomodoro technique; at least 1 for editing + 1 writing/day. Next project update in two days.
And good luck! :D
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I noticed that it has been awhile since I took a look about my writing docket, so why not now.

Upsides first: I have + 3000 words on the (hopefully) last chapter of Path, 1800 word meme fill (out of whim), 4800 word Kink Bingo fill (posted), 3 squares started, the Tentacle fic is around 3000 words and the Maid fic has about 500 words typed and 4 or 5 pages handwritten.

Downsides: whole bunch of things started, nothing much finished.

A big downside. There is two months left on KB, I would really like to have a bingo by then. Also, finishing Path? That would be really great, a serious victory dance time.

Back to the keyboard then, writing gets fics finished.
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Yes, new chapter posted on Path!
The Time and The Distance ~8 500 words.

So yay for staying on time schedule, but also boo because this isn't the final chapter. I have this ending in mind, and to get there I need stuff to happen, and hence, extra chapter.

Now I'm going to eat some ice-cream and try to draft another WIP list - I really want to write some quick one shots for the Kink Bingo before continuing with Path, I think the last chapter will require lots and lots of work.

But yay for goal (sort of, kinda) reached!
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The last 4 days until the project deadline.

Positives: it's the start of my holiday, so I have nothing else planned but writing. I have two sections half done, combined maybe 5 or 6K. I have some ideas to work with, and I think I know what I want to happen in this fic.

Negatives: still missing two fight scenes, but I usually can write those rather quick when I figure out who is fighting who and why. The two sections I have won't be enough, I can't end the fic to this chapter. Or I can, but it won't be ending, it will more like 'I burnt out, can't do it'.

My plan right now is to finish these two half-done sections into one cohesive chapter, post it within the project and call it a second-to-last chapter. And then write the last chapter, that hopefully will BE the last chapter.

That't the plan. Now to execute it!
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The RBB fic posting date came and went, and now I can officially strike that fic off my writing docket! I rewrote the ending few times, but I'm still not hundred percent happy with it. I just had to admit that I can't come up with a perfect line and leave it at that.

I spruce it up before posting, and I realized I'm not happy with the fic. It's kind of flat and boring to be perfectly honest. I think I cut it too hard, I should've played the relationship aspects I had in the earlier drafts instead erasing them. There would've been more tension then, now it's just...Eh. Flat line. And the prompt picture is so great! I totally dropped the ball on this one, I'm really ashamed (again). I could've done so much better. Uh.
No more any kinds of big bangs for me, I'm not cut out for those. I stress too much.

Path is moving along, slow but steady. It's all over the place, literally. I have bits in my notebook, I have bits in my email, I have four or five files with different scenes and nothing cohesive yet. But I can pull it together, I can see the shape of it forming now. It's going to happen, this one will be finished, even if I had to cry blood to do it.

Accomplished: ~1500 words for Path, RBB fic official posting date passed. (also, 1st square of KB!)
To improve: 100 words more a day, getting back to the idea of day tasks.
Goal: finishing the first scene, using the Fic Rush this weekend to sketch out a fight scene.
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Oh Path, my trouble child. I've set a day goal of 500 words, and so far I've kept it rather easily. But to be honest, I have focused to rewrite the existing pieces, so that racks up word count quickly.

I'm trying to maintain sort of easy-breezy attitude when writing. I think the reason this fic has stalled for so long, it's because I started to lose my nerve and I didn't want to make decisive decision where I wanted to take the story. I kept going back and forth, big waste of time.

Accomplished: 500 word day goals.
To improve: better writing pace -> better scheduling.
Goal: moving on from rewriting to writing.
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Rbb fic is finished!

The Rat Race, ~7 000 words

I offered to make adjustments to it if the recipient doesn't like it, so I might have to go back to tune it but for now, it's finished. It took me embarrassingly long to get to the end, and the last 500 words were like pulling teeth. I don't even know why, my writing mojo is in complete frizz. I hardly had any ideas about my Bingo card, and that is my favorite writing event of the year (side Yuletide).

Maybe I should do some writing exercises. Projects are good for getting things finished, but I can't take much breaks to write something frilly and nonsensical.

Next stop, the Path!
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My time frame bungled spectacularly on this project: one fic out of three finished within the original schedule. So I'm extending this project until the end of July.

Situation at the moment:

1) Rat Race
I finally came up with the core piece that pulls the story together! This means I now see how start and end will fit together, and my editing is also 100% more efficient at the moment.
I'm still missing a scene, but I am going to get this fic hammered together for a read through/editing no later than Friday.

2) Path
I got a comment on this, asking if I'm going to post the last chapter. I promised to the commenter that I will get the chapter up no later than the end of July.
I have plot points jotted down, ten or so pages in longhand and the same amount typed up. My problem with this story is that I have two possibilities: use the plot scheme to the fullest -> the last chapter will be long, and I'm not certain I can write it within the time schedule OR take more direct route, which will end the story quicker but that, I feel, would short change the readers who had patiently waited since April for the last chapter.
I think the biggest reason why this fic isn't finished yet, is because it makes me feel irresponsible. It's my biggest kudos/comment/hits fic, and I haven't finished it in timely manner. I'm embarrassed about it.

So, lots of emotions about writing at the moment. On happier note, Kink Bingo has started, I have my shiny bingo card, the carrot at the end of the stick. When Project TM fics are done, it's time for the kinky goodness!
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Oh dear, still very little progress on the Rat Race.

I wrote a short fic just to get my writing moving - it's always good to finish something. That way I remember that in fact I can finish fics, I've done it several times after all.
Sometimes I just forget that I actually finish things more often than not, so there is hope!

I'm thinking that maybe the problem is that I'm trying to fit pieces together that won't fit, and I should cut my losses and chuck the pieces away and write whole new scenes. Alright, it's a lot of wasted work, but sometimes that's how it goes.

Back to the drawing board then. I think I'll try writing short, 200 or 300 word test scenes, to see if I could get some new life on this story.

Accomplished: +4K at the required deadline
To improve: RR need to be finished
Goal: brainstorming for new ideas, focused writing, either WoD:ing or with pomodore technique
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I'm working frantically on the Rat Race -fic. I don't remember ever having this much trouble with a fic before. I don't know what the problem is with it.

My planned time schedule blew to smithereens, and at the moment I'm way behind on this story. Today is the deadline, and the story is still very much in shambles. Though, if I find the right thread to pull, it might shape up quickly - I have plenty of pieces written, it's the matter of the pieces not fitting together.

The word count is alright, the concept is fine, I have a start, I have an ending, I have solid bits from the middle. There is definite promise here, but I'm frustrated with the fic and that doesn't help.

Accomplished: RR over the minimum word count, stuff from notebooks typed up, few pieces connected.
To improve: attitude. Big obstacle right now.
Goal: editing RR
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Yes, the big smut fic is finished! Not quite 10K what I feared, but close:

Pink Dust ~8 800 words.

I rewrote/edited this bugger for three days straight, my brain is fried. And I'm sick of writing porn, good thing that the two remaining fics in this project are GEN more than anything (Path might have a sex scene, but that's it)

I'm so relieved that this is finished! And that I got it posted successfully, it's not a small task when AO3 has been unreliable and KB tagging takes time. Especially when I managed to cram 20 kinks in this one fic, I think that might be my record.

Yes, victory dance!
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It's Saturday and it looks like this will be wasted as I got stuck with relatives. However, in challenging times like these, a little notebook is good to have. I've been jotting down notes and bits of dialogue - better than nothing.

I smacked head first into writer's block. Or maybe not writer's block as such, but more like being tired with writing.
I'm writing the same things over and over. I don't think I'm improving, and that is frustrating. I would like to get better, write brilliant stories, but I don't know how. Except by writing tons of crap stories first, isn't that how it's supposed to go? It's tiresome, that's all.

But no matter, onward with the project!

Accomplished: WoD rounds on all project fics, 1000 words to RBB fic (end scene!), editing rounds, six pages in the notebook for Path.
To improve: more focused WoD rounds, one writing day of editing for RBB fic.
Goal: getting RBB together from pieces.
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One buffer day, and now it's time for the next project. This time I'm calling it the Troublemakers.

Goal: Project Troublemakers starts today and will end to the start of KB, 1st of July.
The project fics are:

The Rat Race
X-Men Reverse Big Bang -fic. Deadline 20th of June, ~4 000 words out of required 5 000.
Problems: plot obscurity, no beta.
Strengths: around 11 pages of already written scenes and dialogue that can be added to the fic when the plot shapes up.
Next step: read through and brainstorming ideas for plot.

The Path
First part posted 18.3.12, latest part posted 9.4.12. One chapter missing.
Problems: no middle, chapter will be long.
Strengths: 5 or 6 pages of the start written, starting scene and end scene are sketched.
Next step: reading the whole thing from the start to get back to the story.

Pink Dust
Prompt fic I've promised to write. Around 5000 words at the moment, no parts posted.
Problems: plenty of different characters, pairing combinations and kinks - confusion.
Strengths: structure, overall idea is clear, plenty of finished scenes in the notebooks.
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Last day of the Project, and the last fic 'Into His Arms' is finished and posted!

Into His Arms, ~13 700 words.

To me, the project was a success: I finished three wip's, and within the time I scheduled for it.

I don't think the ends were as polished as they could've been, and over all the fics had plenty of inherit problems - plot holes, repetition etc. I'm not completely satisfied how the stories turned out, but I made finishing the stories my main priority - no endless rewriting. I picked one solution and then moved on to the next problematic part.

And now it's time to turn to the next three WIP's I have. The three I finished were the oldest WIP's, and the next three are the biggest: RBB, Path and Untitled 10K smut fic. But more on those later, after I've decided on the time schedule.

Now, victory lap *woo!* and then some ice-cream!


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