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Title: Her Way (Or The Highway)
Fandoms: Supernatural / Sons of Anarchy
Pairing: Mary Winchester / Gemma Teller
Kink: vehicular
Word count: 501
Notes: before Impala was Dean's, it was Mary's. (Slight hunter!Mary AU?)

Her Way (Or The Highway) )
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These are a short stories written for a challenge at Femslash Land community. The challenge consists of 50 different pieces of fiction. I chose to divide this, so that one crossover femslash couple gets 5 fills. However, all stories should make sense on their own, no matter which you read and in what order (I hope). Length of the stories varies from one sentence to drabble, or beyond.

Here are the fills 1-5 and 6-10.

Emma and Pepper, Mary and Gemma )
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Title: (She Is Not Your) Little Princess
Fandom: Supernatural / Transformers (movieverse)
Characters: Impala / Bumblebee / Dean Winchester
Kinks: mechanical/technological (free square) - confined; caged - washing; cleaning - dirty talk
Word count: ~2000
Notes: sentient car-robot romance PG-story, where the kinks appear convoluted - there is talking, walking cars (mechanical), human trapped for his own safety (caged), a sweet gesture of car wash and innuendo of Turtle Wax (washing) topped with strange talk about engines (dirty talk).
No sex, for the lack of interlocking bodies. I know nothing of cars, so if someone with nitpicking tendencies finds something annoying in there, feel free to point & mock.

Fic )
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This is the other crossover I wrote back in July -07. The Emma/Spike one came first, then I got the idea how to cross X-men with Supernatural. Back in the early seasons, the Supernatural boys are looking for kids that might have been affected by the Yellow Eye Demon - the fic started from the question, could Theresa Cassidy be one of them? So, Sam and Dean go ask.

The song in the fic is Rilo Kiley's Absence of God.

The Small Misconception )


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