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Back in a day there was this fab community called X-Men Flash Fic that had weekly challenges. This was the very first one and I wrote a Tessa fic.
No resemblance to any actual first alcohol experiences to my knowledge...

Glenfiddich In 6 Takes )
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This is the other crossover I wrote back in July -07. The Emma/Spike one came first, then I got the idea how to cross X-men with Supernatural. Back in the early seasons, the Supernatural boys are looking for kids that might have been affected by the Yellow Eye Demon - the fic started from the question, could Theresa Cassidy be one of them? So, Sam and Dean go ask.

The song in the fic is Rilo Kiley's Absence of God.

The Small Misconception )
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This story is my own personal favorite; I think this one trick pony gallops spendidly.
This is the classic mutant story trope Powerless. My idea came from the question: if Theresa Cassidy lost her power, what would she loose?
640 words, PG - in my mind the setting was pre-X2.

Unplugged )
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The second time of XMMF I got a dream prompt; one about Theresa Cassidy. Her voice mutation turned out fun to plot with, and I later wrote several other stories about her. Tessa is often an independent and competent spirit in my stories - a perfect heroine for straightlaced adventures.
In this ficathon story I was asked to write her a background story - how did she ended up in the the Mansion to make that one crucial scream in X2? About 1100 words, PG

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