May. 20th, 2016 10:14 pm
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I went to see the XM:A in the premiere! It wasn't even close to sold out, compared to Civil War which barely had seats left. I went straight from work after a long day (all our pricing changed, and it was like having the first day all over again), so I don't know how coherent my thoughts are, but here's some impressions:

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Heyjupiter wrote me a wonderful Moira story, Still Standing. I love it, Moira is written perfect, professional and strong, it's amazing. And this isn't the first time Heyjupiter has written a story for me, few years back they wrote me an interesting take on Victor and Erik (A Man Does What He Must), in FC+X1 combo. And now Moira story with FC+X3 combo! The parallels on both stories are clever and well drawn.

I wrote The Memories of Flesh for RedStockings. Their prompts were amazing, and I really wanted to write the steampunk one but I just didn't have the knowledge and courage to try. So I wrote a demon summoning story. I've never written one of those either, it was a great chance to give it ago!

I didn't manage any Madness stories, but all in all, it was fun to write that story.
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Title: Wednesday
Request: "something dealing with the similarity between Hank's serum in First Class and the mutant "cure" in X3. Perhaps older!Hank finds depowered!Mystique after the movie?"
Rating: gen
Movies: X-Men: First Class, X3
Word count: ~2000
Notes: Written for lonelywalker in X-men Movie Ficathon 2011.
Thank you for beta work, st_aurafina! All mistakes are mine.

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These are a short stories written for a challenge at Femslash Land community. The challenge consists of 50 different pieces of fiction. I chose to divide this, so that one crossover femslash couple gets 5 fills. However, all stories should make sense on their own, no matter which you read and in what order (I hope). Length of the stories varies from one sentence to drabble, or beyond.

Here are the fills 1-5 and 6-10.

Emma and Pepper, Mary and Gemma )
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Title: Unshared
Fandom: The Powerpuff Girls / X-men (movieverse)
Word count: ~540
Notes: written for the challenge "Bad Romance". This is AU concept where human!PPG's are students at Xavier School.

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Title: Tease
Fandom: Marvel, Kitty Pryde / John Allerdyce
Prompt: any
Note: I liked the pairing, so I gave it a go; result is not really 'porn' but sort of flirtatious disaster.

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This is the other crossover I wrote back in July -07. The Emma/Spike one came first, then I got the idea how to cross X-men with Supernatural. Back in the early seasons, the Supernatural boys are looking for kids that might have been affected by the Yellow Eye Demon - the fic started from the question, could Theresa Cassidy be one of them? So, Sam and Dean go ask.

The song in the fic is Rilo Kiley's Absence of God.

The Small Misconception )
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This story is my own personal favorite; I think this one trick pony gallops spendidly.
This is the classic mutant story trope Powerless. My idea came from the question: if Theresa Cassidy lost her power, what would she loose?
640 words, PG - in my mind the setting was pre-X2.

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Sometimes I have one vivid image of one character which leads into a short drabble. Or character study, if you like the fancier word. This one was a first piece I wrote about Emma Frost, just to get into her skin (or shoes). There is plenty of cool female characters around but I have always felt that Emma is the coolest of them all. 500 words, shoe fetish flavor.

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May. 26th, 2009 07:49 pm
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This was my other take of Lorna and first one to actually write her into the X2. This piece of story got several praising feedbacks, I don't think that any other of my fics has managed the same. It is one of my favorites. 3900 words, PG all the way.

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May. 25th, 2009 07:37 pm
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This is one of my very first fics - a classic story of a metal boy and magnetic girl. Very simple, yet long (around 3300 words). This one is sickeningly fluffy, but fear not, I grew out of it.

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