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I've been considering the end of the year fest season, and it suddenly occurred to me that I don't want to participate in Yuletide this year. o.O I don't know why, but I'm not feeling excited about it.
And if I get in the Yuletide spirit later, there's always the treat writing?

Though I wonder if I'll be really disappointed not to wake up to a story in a Christmas morning - I don't like Christmas time, Yuletide is the only 'celebratory' thing I do. But I don't want to disappoint anyone else with my crummy writing - I mean, I can't assure that my writing mojo will come back all of a sudden.

Uh, I don't know.

I did, however, sign up for the Intoabar! The idea is fun and it's not an exchange style fest - if the story turns out boring, you have only disappointed yourself, no harm done.

Still trying to gear up to the writing speed re: NaNoWriMo, but its slow going. I stop to think & edit, that's the problem, it slows me down. Typing fast is the key! I should go train that.
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I don't think I've squeed over a Yuletide story this much since the very first Yuletide - every single story I've received during last 4 years have been amazing, but this one was just perfect combination of scorching hot porn with a delicious kink filling.

Here it is: The Expendables, Barney Ross/Lee Christmas, Explicit - Man and Knife

First of all, thank you to the brilliant person who came up with the Yuleporn concept! Because this story ticked a lot of the boxes from my wish list, and perfectly - especially the knife play one. It's a clever take on knife kink, because it so clearly revolves around the relationship, and there's this beautiful intimacy that goes with it. Knife play is a trust game in any case, but I really like it how the author has written it as organic part of the relationship, and that it's Barney's kink, not necessarily Lee's. (I wonder if Lee has some kind of complementary gun kink - which makes all the gun vs. knife arguments in both E1 & E2 hilarious and way hotter :D)

Oh, and the banter! I love it that I just picker and kiss and picker some more. So perfect! And that Lee is a cheeky flirt, double perfect, and a nice boy (not good, mind, nice)... Nnngghh! My brain melted during the first thousand words. So perfect!
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Secret Mutant fic finished, Yuletide to go. I considered if I could write some Madness stories for both, but I'm not sure about the time - I also wanted to write something for Fandom Stocking, it was such great fun last year!

Also, I'm trying to keep posting the Bunny Hop Fic in steady intervals, so it doesn't end up as a long wip - I don't want one of those after Path! I've learned my lesson. Plus, the fact that I have several pages worth of raw story, I just need to rewrite and edit it.

But I really need to focus on Yuletide first, I'm afraid that deadline is going to creep up on me (it's the Yuletide tradition!)
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you for writing for me! I hope you have a great Yuletide, and I look forward reading your fic!
(And here is my entry at Yuleporn, if that's something that interests you)

The 4 Requests )
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This year I didn't manage any treats, I had every intention to write something, but for some reason I lacked workable ideas. Post Christmas sale season brain spazz, I suspect.

My present fic was a New Girl -fic, It's Crumpet! by therumjournals.
It is an amazing fic, with witty dialogue and spot-on character voices - Jess is as Jess as one Jess can be! :D And the concept felt like it could've been done in the show, Jess taking a job as one of Santa's elfs? Perfect! (there is a costume, you know Jess loves costumes!) The whole gang is portrayed perfectly, it's brilliant! If you like the show, I warmly recommend giving this fic a try :)

And my own Yuletide fic was Little Soldier. It is a Despicable Me -fic, where Margo and Agnes go at Gran's for help after fake Santa kidnaps Edith. Stolen car, snazzy party and exploding squirrel (plastic), those are the highlights!

I don't know, it was fun Yuletide but like Kink Bingo in the summer, last year was much more productive. I'm going to do my best for Fandom Stocking next, see if I could get this year started with a bang!
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Yuletide fic posted last night, woo! I've never let it go so close to the deadline before. I'm going to let it rest for a day and then take another look, play the game of 'Spot the Typo'. (Beta reader? What is that?). I will look for a better title too, I just slapped the first thing that came to mind on the fic, so I could post. My titles are the worst.

Also posted the XMFC Exchange fic, Wedding Ring Shuffle (see what I mean about the titles?). The recipient replied favorably, or at least the fic didn't make them violently ill or anything.

So now I have a solid C-time holiday, which means plenty of time to write and nothing pressing deadlines! Freedom!
I'm thinking Path (of course, I wish I could stop writing that), maybe a treat for YT, though I haven't stumbled on a request that sparked ideas. Then something for the Fandom Stocking, I'm trying to spot familiar names or interesting Avengers requests - feel free to point me to your list if you like!
And I'm really feeling like writing some dirty, nasty porn - DK is having a fill-a-thon, maybe I go see what's happening there.

Hopefully good writing times ahead! (it's way too cold outside to do anything else)
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1000 words on a Yuletide fic (I need a non-fandom specific code name for it), combined two different Path-files together, so I have 3500 words of no-gaps story (the gaps are the hurdle), and almost 3K worth of a new story (I wasn't supposed to start anything, but oh well.) on top of that.

And I have an itch to write something really filthy. I don't know if it's a gritty murder or just graphic sex or what, but I've been scouring different kink memes to see if I could find a prompt that sparks something. Though KB still haunts me, and I keep trying to fit every prompt to my KB squares. That's not good. I want to write something quick and nasty and bleak.
I don't know why. Maybe it's the November - it's too warm and there's no snow and it's dark all the time. No time for cheerful writing.

Few more Pomodoro rounds left today, I have to see what comes out of it.
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A/B/O Ladies fic, done! It was a 2K story like I expected. No sex but I kinda liked it as it was.

I have also received my Crossover Exchange assignment and at first I was drawing complete blank for some reason. I've been doodling some charts of possible character crossings and I'm starting to feel more confident about it.

Yuletide is still in research state, which is to say, I'm watching telly. It's a time-honored Yuletide tradition, after all. (The problem is, that the telly watching doesn't have anything to do with the writing, but let's not get hung up on that.)

And Path... Uh. Huh. Hm. I keep writing, but it just doesn't turn out finished. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It's very frustrating. It's been almost two months since the last chapter, and that's far too long.

Of course I've been distracted with new, shiny stories that keep popping in my sleep-deprived head (suffering a bout of insomnia - more time to write if you skip sleep, but also, muddled brain).

I thought I should write Yuletide fic like ripping of band-aid; one, quick pull and it's done. Brilliant? Mad? Maybe both. Then I have plenty of time to enjoy my least favorite Yuletide thing; looking for beta. Have I told you how sad it makes me? It makes me so sad. No one ever wants to beta for me. Sad.
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Kink Bingo is over, but Kink Bingo goes on!

I didn't get a single bingo, but I decided I'm going to be fine with that - Amnesty bingo is still a bingo, isn't that right? And I want those 8 postage stamps, dammit!

Speaking of, I finished the third postage stamp today: Picture Burn. It's a strange little tale about fauns and satyrs and porn movies. It was fun to write, I banged it out in four days, which is massive accomplishment considering my writing speed (slow).

I have also written big blocks of Path, that's good. It still needs massive amounts of work, and I have no clue about the ending. I want a proper conclusion, but the damn story keeps unfolding.

+ Yuletide, A/B/O Femslash-Het ficathon, and Crossover Exchange are all coming up. The a/b/o ladies is first, it's actually already the week I'm supposed to post, but I have like, 200 words. I'm not going to do anything massively big for it, I'm thinking 2K or so. Then Yuletide of course, and then Crossover Exchange (the assignments haven't been sent out yet on that exchange).

But yeah. Path. My darling, exhausting problem child. Story, be done.
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Here are some ramblings about my requests. I hope they give you ideas for your fic!

My overall themes this year are AU's, shakeups and opposite things.

The Requests )

Happy writing, have a great Yuletide and thank you for stopping by!
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Welcome to the Yuletide 2010 tour!
On the left you see... )

That was my part of Yuletide. In return I got three great things: two fics and one haiku.
Two of the fics were written from my Sarah Connor -prompt, and both fics give interesting insight into Sarah's life after John vanishes to the future. The fics are quite different from each other, but in line with the prompt nonetheless.

though the fig tree does not bud

After the Storm

On top of that, I also got this Madness treat for my Pushing Daisies -prompt about Chuck:

girl named Chuck

...And this concludes our Yuletide 2010 tour! Thank you!
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Welcome! I hope you already have plot bunnies hopping around!
In case the optional details I added didn't help you any but hindered instead, feel free to put your own spin on things. If you feel good with your story, I'm sure it will be a delight to read.

If you find it helpful, please feel free to browse my own fics - there is a lot of crossovers, lot of kinks and plenty of female characters. If you feel like kinks or crossovers or more of cool female characters would really help with the Yuletide, go ahead!

I was pondering how to explain things that I don't like and I only came up one thing: I don't like forced plot, action or characters. I like when stories have their own (seemingly) effortless flow; there is no seams at sight. If you start writing something fun and notice you have dramatic angst at your hands, don't worry about it! I really rather be surprised, than have a forced funny story.
(If this makes any sense)

My general theme this year was independence and self-reliance.

Long ramblings about the requests )

I hope my ramblings helped you, even a little bit.
Happy writing, happy Yuletide and above all, thank you!
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Well that was fun. In a way.
I wrote my first Castle fic, and it was easy to write - basically wrote it in a day. Finding a beta was a bit tricky, like blind-dating with extra blindness. But the beta I found was very helpful and she also gave me the best feedback of all time.

Getting feedback from others has been equivalent to pulling teeth. No hits, not much of feedback, no recs, not much of anything. I expected more, quite frankly. But I'm amongst tough crowd, Castle was one of the Big Ten Fandoms - 30 fics, including treats. Mine is the last one hit wise, and I think I have the least comments as well.

Well, I think the recipient liked it (?) and that is all that matters in ficathons. And it is not like my fics are feedback magnets anyway. All good.

But the link! And another link, to my treat fic (my first K:tE fic? Milestone!)

My dad: Richard Castle

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Dear Yuletide Writer,

So, you got me huh? Great! Welcome!
This is my very first Yuletide letter, so let’s get straight down to the business.

If you glance my tags on the right, you will immediately notice that Marvel Universe is seriously crowding the space here. If you glance little closer, you will also notice that there is kink around. Plenty of it.

I write kink - you don’t have to! My writing register is limited, but my reading register is massive (it is just harder to show through a tag cloud). If you want to write kink, yay, but everything else will work perfectly as well.

I tried to craft my requests in mellow and / or non-threatening way, because I tried to think easy starting points for a fic. This doesn't mean that you have to stick with that point, you can happily run to the angsty, emotionally tortured landscapes if you like (just remember to wear protective gear).

In a nuttshell: I like my female characters strong and competent, kicking ass and taking names. I like my vampires dangerous, slightly psychotic monsters with buckets of blood all over. I like crossovers that work and make strange sense. I like being moved (by suspense, tears or laughter).

I don’t like OC’s much, so if you want to add people try crossovering instead.

Closer look on the Requests )

Hope this helped and Happy writing!


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