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Title: Flower
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Raven/Alex
Kink: bondage (other)
Word count: ~560
Notes: His task is to be decorative.
A short relationship story, best considered perhaps as plot-void fluff, with bondage.

One evening Alex Summers found himself visiting his own past. This particular process started when Raven tied him up in a strange and bungled manner. This wasn't her usual method. She had the eye for details, and she was strong, both qualities Alex appreciated when he wanted to be tied up. This time though, she made knots that slipped open, used materials that were too flimsy to hold, and added pretty little bows everywhere. Alex thought it was plain silly, but Raven said that it looked great, and sometimes it was good to play on the surface only. Alex wasn't convinced, but she said that she was in charge here, and his only task was to stay still. Then she went on to decorate him like he was a cake, or a plain present box.

Alex thought that tying someone up without truly restricting them was pointless. Yet, he didn't want to spoil her fun, so he tried to breathe and relax. After awhile, his mind started to wander as he laid there in her hands. Things that he hadn't thought about in years were there, in front of his eyes. It was if he was split in half: part of him had to pay attention to stay still as Raven had ordered, and then an another part that wandered down the hallways of his mind, looking things that had been locked away a long time ago. His life, some small detail of his past, bits of his family.

He found the oddest things. Raven tied a pink ribbon around his waist, around and around, finished with a elaborate bow and he could recall the type of candy he had liked when he had been three years old. Raven added gold sash around his knees, binding them together, and he had a clear flash of how he had played football with his brother, in deep green grass and the way sun had shone on his skin. Pictures floated up like colorful soap bubbles, before bursting and vanishing again.

Alex breathed slowly, forgetting the original feeling of silliness with every breath. Alex saw Raven clearly, so close to him, folding and turning his body as she pleased, binding him with these strange materials with no clear method or goal. She frowned as she worked, her golden eyes fixed on the task at hand. It looked like Alex was the problem she was steadfast to solve, and nothing would make her back down from this quest. Alex liked that. He enjoyed being the center of her attention, but not as whole, only small sections of him at the time. A knee, or an elbow, curious body part and nothing more. It felt safe this way, not intrusive or awkward like he usually felt when people paid attention to him.

Her hands crossed his vision, and Alex watched them with great interest. She had beautiful hands. The ridges of her skin were intriguing and complex, much more so than anywhere else in her body. He wanted to follow the movement of her hands, but he didn't, because that was against her order to stay still. So he stared up to the ceiling, listened the rhythm of her breathing and his own in the silent and calm room.

When Raven was done, she laid next to him and rested her head against his shoulder. She felt warm and soft, a perfect fit.

"Thank you," he said, and felt Raven smile against his skin.

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This is a lovely fragment of life.


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