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2017-08-28 10:48 am
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The Dreaded Fitting Room Mirror

Uh, I had to buy new bras because all my old ones are either broken or too small (I gain weight, it goes directly to my bra size) and it was an expensive shopping trip, even after the sale discount. And I'm running out of cup sizes - I had to go up to M when previously I was 'just' J >.<

So, anyone know any fun excercise routines, because obviously I need to start losing weight? (I have done Darebee excercises, that is a good site)

I don't know why this summer had been one mad spending spree? I spent time budgeting the month and then I seem to go 'fuck it' and do whatever - and then feel bad for days for spending. That's just stupid! The budget is good and solid, I don't need to do anything but stick with it.

Ugh. I need to go do something useful, like clean or something, I feel terrible.
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2017-08-12 12:41 pm
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Two Down - Few More To Go

Another closet space cleaned - as in, only things I want to keep in the closet (and in nice order), everything else outside of the closet in a pile that I have to work through.

Shouldn't be too hard right, since there's really only two options: donate away or throw away. But nope, there is some really difficult decision regards the things that I know I don't want to keep, but I can't bring myself to throw away. The biggest problem category is the VHS cassettes. I know rationally that I don't use them anymore, but there is a lot of them, and those cassettes are very intertwined with a lot of memories - with the handwritten stickers and all.

And I refuse to put the boxes back to the closet, because this step has been taken, and now it's decision time, goddammit. (I'm not going to do this again)

KonMari advices to thank the items, pouring salt over them to let them go in peace and then just throwing them away. It should help to feel better about it. I suppose I have to try that, and possibly be ready to have a good cry. I don't know, it's silly, but sometimes tidying gets weirdly emotional.

Uuh, maybe I should take a nap at this juncture to think this through.
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2017-08-09 06:48 pm
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Past-Me, You Suck

So, my KonMari project has been stalled for ages, and I decided to use this vacation time to get it moving again. I started from the beginning, a.k.a clothes, and I just had to open one closet to realize where I had gone wrong.

I've discarded the clothes just fine, but apparently I didn't take those discarded items anywhere - instead I had the great idea to stuff them in the next closet, creating a lovely chaos there. Uuuuuh. I'm so stupid! (...and I had completely forgotten that I had done this.)

At least I have packed everything in plastic bags, which is good, except I didn't mark them in anyway, so now I have to check them all to see what is going where - recycling or trash.

So, long, annoying day today, but I got the whole clothing category done and everything is in its place now (in a way that I feel will work in the long run). That's good!
Hopefully I can keep that going, because there is still the paper category that I didn't even touch in the last round.
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2017-08-08 11:55 am
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Ooh, Pen!

I got the purple Frixon pen!

And the best part is I didn't technically spent any money, because I remembered I have 10 euros left in a bookstore gift card - bam, new pen! :D (I've always lived by the principle that gift card gifts can, and should, be used as frivolously as possible, for the most fun.)

Why yes, the purple ink is lovely, and now I'm going to write a whole bunch, and then erase it through the magic of friction. Yep yep, that will be an excellent way to avoid cleaning today (ugh, cleaning).
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2017-08-07 03:44 pm
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Vacation Time!

I have no plans for the next two weeks. Upside: I can do whatever, whenever. Downside: most likely I end up doing nothing at all.

But I tried to start with projects: I took my carpet to the cleaners, vacuumed, did the laundry and baked a blueberry pie (though I don't know if its any good, because its just cooling now, but it looks like a pie? With my cooking abilities, that's a pretty great start).

Because it has been such a cool and rainy summer, the berry season is only now going strong - I think I've eaten like three litres of strawberries in the last two weeks, and two litres of blueberries. I'm so stuffed with antioxidants, that I should be all set through winter :D

I'll go eat some pie and be lazy, what else is the summer vacation for?
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2017-08-03 12:10 pm
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Pens - There's Too Many

In regards of my budget, this is the most dangerous time of the year: school year starter sales!

THERE IS PENS EVERYWHERE. Coloring pens, markers, pencils, highlighters (this years fad is pastel colors - noooo!) and every color imaginable of Frixon Clicker pens, goddammit.

And don't get me started on notebooks. Nope, no, not looking. (I have KonMari'ed my notebooks, I have +10 notebooks that are unopened. The very last thing I need more of, is notebooks)

It's terrible, I don't understand why I have such burning passion for new pens. My old pens are fine! And if I'm writing fiction, I only use this one type of cheap pen that I buy in bulk, so... But purple Frixon pen! I want it!

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2017-07-31 11:14 am
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Camp: Fail

Well, the Camp was a big fat fail this time around. I didn't get anywhere with the HBB (and honestly, I'm really sick of that story), I didn't come up an idea for UC (so I haven't even signed up, because what's the point) and frankly I didn't write much of anything.

This is so annoying and frustrating, and I don't know what to do to get even some writing done. Even little bit? One tiny story, or something? It's depressing.

In related news, I have one long week of work, and then some more vacation time!
Upside: getting far away from customers (so tired with weird whining. I don't lose my cool against anything customers come up with, but apparently even I have a limit, and its coming up).
Downside: two weeks off halfs my paycheck and destroys my monthly budget for September. I've saved money so it's not going to be a massive problem, it's just that there isn't really any margin for error and that stresses me out.

I wish I had a dog to hug, I would feel better.
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2017-07-30 04:07 pm

The Block Is Here!

This year the challenge is five old weather-board houses, with a massive add-ons planned in the back. That's pretty classic Block set-up, especially since the last year it was the soap factory and before that the Blocktagon.

The couples look interesting, the clips about future eps show the usual crying, cursing, and temper tantrums :D Classic! They are always so bright-eyed and eager in the first ep, and so tired and broken down in the flashforwards. It's the best part of the first episode.

...And now one couple did the ultimate rookie mistake: 48-hour challenge and they both go shopping. NO! Scotty tried to tell them, and they still went together AND NOW THEY ARE ARGUING IN THE SHOPS. XD Oh, this is great!

It's going to be a great season, I can just tell.
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2017-07-25 10:01 am
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First sign that the summer is almost over...

...is the Masterchef final!

And boy, was I glad they didn't have Heston Blumenthal as the final challenge - I didn't like that they had him as both season 7 & 8 finals. I understand why, his recipes are complicated, fiddly and there's a lot of weird, theatrical stuff happening, but final challenge should always be different, I feel.

But anyway, this year the final piece was by Kirsten Tibballs, and it was pretty wild - a trio of realistic looking fruit made of chocolate and tons of other stuff. It was exciting final!

Sigh. Now there isn't much to watch...Until Sunday, when The Block starts! Yay! :D I like The Block: New Zealand, but there's nothing like the Australian version.

Long week ahead at work, and the weather forecast promises a small heatwave toward the weekend. Good for those on summer vacation, terrible for being at work because it gets so hot inside the store. Blargh. Well, I just need to stock up in ice coffees, that will see me through.
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2017-07-17 08:25 pm
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Summaries, the Key to Everything!

I found a few great summaries for the Unconventional Courtship, but the posting dates are from the mid-August to mid-September, and I don't know if I have time to write the story I want to.

I do have a two-week vacation time coming up, so that's a possibility. Also the fic doesn't have to be more than 1K (for some reason I keep thinking its 10K o.O) Another problem is that I don't know which fandom or pairing I want to write, so that will slow down the proceedings.

Two more days of work, then I'll have the rest of the week off, and I have time to focus on the HBB. I realized that I was too focused on hitting the 10K, when in fact the story will requier a lot more words than just 10K. That's why the ending was giving me trouble, because the story isn't finished. Sigh.

Well, at least I won't have any trouble hitting my Camp Nano goal? Upside in everything!
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2017-07-14 07:27 am
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The Lack of Camp Equipment

Camp NaNo is going a bit slow, but in its way just fine - I'm at 5K from the 10K goal, its just that I don't have time to write every day. Especially since it's the annual festival weekend and the town is packed with people (and hopefully customers). So busy time at work. Also I'm stuck with the HBB fic, and I don't know how to end the damn thing.

I've been trying to come up with ideas for the Unconventional Courtship, but I haven't found any summaries to spark my interest. Maybe I could work on the ideas from last summer, to get through the camp.

I just need to get 5K and it's a wrap on Camp for the summer! Not too bad, I'm sure I can do it.
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2017-07-03 09:28 am
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Let's go, camping calls!

Yay, remix done and the recipient enjoyed it, so it's all good! I pushed the editing right to the deadline with a mad dash - long days at work and warm weather are not good combination for my writing brain. But I think the story turned out alright, so mission accomplished!

I joined the Camp Nano cabin, but it's not a fun cabin for me - most of the people are old-school NaNo people, who have known each other for ages, so they have lots of inside jokes and they like to talk about RL stuff. Which is fine, it's a chat, they can talk whatever they like - it just makes me uncomfortable because it feels like I'm eavesdropping on private conversations between friends.

Anyway. I put the HBB fic as my goal to finish during Camp, so I'm going to go read it through what I have so far and then keep going with that. I need to get that finished and off my mind, it has been dragging on too long. If I get it finished soon-ish, I could start planning the Unconventional Courtship?

Yep, that's the plan for the Camp!
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2017-06-26 06:52 am
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If you keep staring at the obstacle, you'll hit the obstacle

I finished the remix in time, but it went to the deadline so no Estelle & Thild -cosmetics for me. Boo! (Though I bought the lipstick when I shouldn't, so...)

The HBB fic still unfinished, nothing official posted in the community but some of the participants have posted their things on their own, if I understood it right. I'm committed to finish this fic, so maybe I should take it as the first Camp Nano project and give it a deadline of my own.

Though I'm going to have a lot of work for the next two weeks, so the start of the Nano might be a bit slow. Luckily this week is supposedly going to be very rainy and cold, so that helps. (If its hot, I can't function)

Breakfast, coffee, and then off to work!
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2017-06-23 09:28 am
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It's Midsummer Eve, and it's bloody cold - my favorite Midsummer weather (or whole summer weather really :D)

Gaah, I'm stalled on the Remix. I started so strong and now I'm just iddling, because I can't decide if I should add more stuff, or not. On the other hand, why not add stuff, go big or go home! Or you know, don't add stuff for the heck of it, because it gets weird at some point.

I need more Canada's Worst Driver's on the background, except I've seen every season twice now (yes, I have a problem - but it's the perfect background for so many things! Like writing, and cleaning.)

Also I should come up with a plan for the Camp Nano. Unconventional Courtship would be a the logical choice, but I also want to try write some of my own stuff from last NaNo, because I got some ideas about the characters.

Well, there's still a week to go, so no rush - except I have a lot of work next two weeks, so I probably don't have time to really think about it before I have to start writing. So...Pantsing it is!
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2017-06-13 07:10 am
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Side Step Your Own Rules

I bought the Zuii lipstick, because it was on sale and I couldn't resist. Boo, self! I hadn't earned it at all, since the HBB fic is still unfinished.

I have started on the Remix, and I had a good plan to keep it very tight and contained, but now the damn thing has sprouted plot. Gaah!

Still on vacation, I had big plans to clean my closets, but I haven't really started on that either. So... But I have this week still, so I'm hoping I'm going to get at least something done (but I won't beat myself up if I don't, it's vacation time after all)

Oh, I went to see the Wonder Woman! It was great, just like everyone said. I loved how sweet and kind Diana was, and super-badass at the same time. And she went through tough stuff, and she still was sweet and kind in the end. That was really special.

Well, I better go write, and make some plans because July's Camp Nano starts in two weeks (!).
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2017-06-05 08:59 am
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Steer, Steer

Once again I missed on the lipstick - bit too knackered after work to really focus on it. Rewriting takes always much more time than I anticipate.

I got a good start though, so that's great! And I have a vague idea about the ending, which is even better! (vague idea is better than no idea)

Also, I started my vacation time by washing my windows, going through all the laundry and next I'm planning to get stuck into the KonMari - I never finished the process, and I feel like I've been sliding back to the previous chaos.

I got some reference literature for the Remix, mostly because I want to hit the right mood with it. I'm going to get stuck into that after I get the HBB closer to the finish line. There haven't been anything new posted in the community, so I don't actually know if the Bang is happening or not anymore, but I've come this far, it would be great to post something anyway?
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2017-05-28 08:39 pm
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Look Where You Want To Go, Pt. 2

Ugh, work - partly quiet, partly very busy, so it's half dusting, half running around. Bit tiring, really. But only four days until the first half of my summer vacation, and the weather forecast promises a cold weather front, yay! That's what I like!

So, writing front: ugh also. Since I'm having trouble getting started, here's the public carrot post that worked so well during Camp:

1. If the HBB fic is finished by next Sunday, 4th of June, I can order one (1) lipstick (which I didn't get from Camp Nano) - Absolution Pure Pink nro. 7, or Zuii Organics Cashmere

2. Remix posted at any time before the deadline, as in the Midsummer Weekend, and I can buy one (1) item from Estelle & Thild -series, no matter how expensive (as in I want the night cream from that line)

I'll write these on sticky notes and stick them somewhere I can see - Look where you want to go, and then go!
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2017-05-26 08:19 am
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Target Fixation!

Ugh, I'm completely blocked on the Hobbit Big Bang fic. I didn't even have the courage to open the file and read through the 3/4 of the story I had. I had four days free this week, and I did everything but write. Gah! So now I have long days for the next five days, so it will be even harder to find time to write (though when it's quiet at the store and I'm just cleaning, that's a great time to think about the story).

Part of the problem might be that I don't have a clear deadline at the moment like I had in April with Camp. According the timetable the posting for BB should start at June, but the mod haven't posted anything in the community since April, so hard to know what's supposed to happen. Of course it would be best to have the story finished in next few days, just in case, but apparently my writing brain is not on board with that plan. Damn.

And another writing conundrum: I looked through my remix assigment, and I got clear and immediate idea what I wanted to write. Here's the problem: last time I went with such idea, the fic turned out bit...disliked? So now I'm pretty gun-shy on immediate ideas, because they tend to land me in hot water. Except clear and immediate ideas are great; easy to start writing, and they propel you when you get stuck! That's why I would like to keep the idea, but...Hot water.

I'll brainstorm some other ideas, see if the immediate one holds up. Also, the Big Bang. Editing and rewriting that is more urgent, timetable wise.
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2017-05-23 10:03 pm
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Focus On the Solution, Not the Problem!

So, I went to see GoTG vol.2 and guess what? First I laughed so hard that I cried, and then I just plain cried.

Goddammit. They got me good! And the reviews were like, 'this isn't as good as vol.1' - pfft! It was brilliant, and I wish I had gone sooner because now I don't have a chance to see it again because I'll be working evenings. Well, I'll be most certainly getting the Blu-Ray the second it comes out, that's for sure.

I've been working on the HBB fic, and I think I have a good idea how to land on an ending, though I'm not quite sure what the ending will be - romantic, or just 'let's take it slow and be friends'. The problem is, that all this time I've been thinking I've been writing a romantic story, but I don't think it is, not really. So that's why the end is hard to figure out, because I don't really know what the start is either.

Maybe if I read it through with a critical eye, and see if I could tweak it in some clear category, the end would appear! Fingers crossed.
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2017-05-18 07:05 pm
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Look Where You Want To Go

I'm suddenly and completely addicted to 'Canada's Worst Driver' -show. Damn Netflix! /shakes fist to the sky

It is a terrible show with a heart of reality gold, and I always fall for those like a big heart-eyed doofus. See also: Masterchef:Australia, The Block, House Rules, My Kitchen Rules, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (yet another Netflix treasure) and on and on.

Oh, but Canada's Worst Driver. I don't have a driver's licence and I have never driven a car (well, once on the private road to a summer cottage when I was like four, but mostly it was dad driving, me sitting on his lap and pretending to steer, so that doesn't count) and even I know some of the stuff those drivers do are completely, utterly bonkers insane. It's horrible! I can't stop watching!

In another news, Unconventional Courtship is coming back this summer! Yay! :D Wonder if I could finish that Alex/Hank story this time? I can't let it go! I can't finish it either! It's just there, forever going on and on in agonizing romance hell!

I need to do what they keep saying in the CWD: look where you want to go (and then you will go there). I'm sure that applies both driving and writing. Right?