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Another closet space cleaned - as in, only things I want to keep in the closet (and in nice order), everything else outside of the closet in a pile that I have to work through.

Shouldn't be too hard right, since there's really only two options: donate away or throw away. But nope, there is some really difficult decision regards the things that I know I don't want to keep, but I can't bring myself to throw away. The biggest problem category is the VHS cassettes. I know rationally that I don't use them anymore, but there is a lot of them, and those cassettes are very intertwined with a lot of memories - with the handwritten stickers and all.

And I refuse to put the boxes back to the closet, because this step has been taken, and now it's decision time, goddammit. (I'm not going to do this again)

KonMari advices to thank the items, pouring salt over them to let them go in peace and then just throwing them away. It should help to feel better about it. I suppose I have to try that, and possibly be ready to have a good cry. I don't know, it's silly, but sometimes tidying gets weirdly emotional.

Uuh, maybe I should take a nap at this juncture to think this through.
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So, my KonMari project has been stalled for ages, and I decided to use this vacation time to get it moving again. I started from the beginning, a.k.a clothes, and I just had to open one closet to realize where I had gone wrong.

I've discarded the clothes just fine, but apparently I didn't take those discarded items anywhere - instead I had the great idea to stuff them in the next closet, creating a lovely chaos there. Uuuuuh. I'm so stupid! (...and I had completely forgotten that I had done this.)

At least I have packed everything in plastic bags, which is good, except I didn't mark them in anyway, so now I have to check them all to see what is going where - recycling or trash.

So, long, annoying day today, but I got the whole clothing category done and everything is in its place now (in a way that I feel will work in the long run). That's good!
Hopefully I can keep that going, because there is still the paper category that I didn't even touch in the last round.
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I did the book decluttering step of KonMari.

Upside: my tiny bookshelf looks neat and tiny, and there's actually room! And I don't have books anywhere else but in the bookshelf, which in itself is amazing achievement.

Downside: the second-hand bookshop owner totally played me and I fell for his sobstory, goddammit. Now I feel stupid for not asking more for my books - they were neat and in good condition, and I just agreed to give them away for basically nothing.

Alright, in all honesty, I was planning to donate the books anyway, I just spotted the second-hand bookstore and went in to ask if they would buy my books. So instead dragging the books to the Red Cross donation spot across the town, I just donated them to an old geezer two blocks over, who now can sell them, get a profit and pay his sales person his salary. So, still a good deed? Even though I was bit gullible about it?

Gah. I knew books would be a difficult step for me, but I didn't think it would be in this particular way.
I need coffee.


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