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Title: Picture Me And You
Fandom: X-Men:First Class
Pairing: Charles Xavier / Raven Darkholme
Kink: vanilla
Word count: ~1300
Notes: Raven attempts to play a game with Charles, but like in Calvinball, you can never play with the same set of rules twice.

Thank you all the commentators at [community profile] kb_cafe, who gave valuable pointers and thoughtful suggestions to my questions about the essence of vanilla kink.

Story was also inspired by xmen_firstkink meme prompt: "Charles brings home another random girl, and Raven pretends to be his wife or girlfriend to scare them."

Warning: nothing really sexual

Raven decided to play the game when Charles came home with the fourth drunken girl in a row. Two she could stand, three if she really put her mind to it, but four? Four was calculated insult, Raven was sure of it.

The game she decided to play consisted of two things. The face she felt appropriate for the occasion and a photograph in a heavy, silver frame. The picture had been easy, but the perfect face was much harder to accomplish. Slowly she turned every facet of her skin from blue to milky white, and when she was done, she looked like a movie star. Literally.

She was ready and waiting when Charles stumbled home that night, dragging yet an another giggling twat with him. He took her to the living room and closed the door. Raven watched him from the shadow of the stairwell. He should have known she was standing there, see her or feel her. Yet, he didn't even glance at her direction.

Raven counted slowly to one hundred, then she opened the door and stepped into the living room. Charles had the girl on her back already, his hand up her shirt and fumbling with her bra. Raven watched it for a moment, and the coughed with the most polite manner she could possibly manage.

The girl looked straight at her over Charles' shoulder, eyes wide with surprise. Her lipstick was smudged beyond repair, but it wasn't good shade on her anyway. Raven kept her face pleasant and open, the same way the lady advertising soap in the television had done it.

It spoke volumes that it took Charles whole ten seconds to realize that there had been some fundamental shift in the atmosphere. When he finally turned his head to see what was happening behind his back, the look on his face was absolutely priceless. His eyes widened and jaw dropped. He was the epitome of surprise, and it was not easy to surprise a telepath. Raven beamed at him, the most dazzling smile her new teeth could create.

“I thought you would like to have some drinks,” she said, her voice the perfect mix of radio commercial jingle and soft throaty blues singer. She was quite proud of this voice. Raven placed the two gin and tonics on the coffee table, with coasters. There was a moment of stunned silence. Finally the girl regained her senses and pushed Charles off of her, straightening up.

“Who are you?”

“Why, I am Mrs. Xavier. His wife? I got the ring and everything,” Raven said and held her hand out, causing the diamond glimmer in the light. It wasn't real, just a rendering from a ring she once stole when she was six. Nice size, traditional cut, lovely clear color. It suited her very well.

“Where did you get the bloody ring? You don't own any diamonds,” Charles asked without thinking and Raven smirked. Charles snapped his mouth shut, but it was too late. The girl turned her attention back to him, with sudden burst of indignation.

“What does that mean? You didn't buy your wife a diamond ring? What kind of man are you?”

“What? No! It's not like it sounds! She doesn't have a ring because she is not my wife! She is...” This time he managed to stop himself mid-sentence. Raven wanted to laugh, but instead she turned the impulse into delicate hurt and wounded expression. It was really easy, just frowning along with the laughter baseline. This face was excellent, so pliant and quick.

“Don't mind him. He thinks he is being funny. Here, try the drink. I hope I got it to your liking,” Raven said and prodded the glass closer to her before taking a seat in the armchair across the sofa. Her skirt fanned around her, like a colorful cloud. “I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name,” Raven asked sweetly.

She could feel Charles mind buzzing at the edge of hers, but she simply swatted him away like an annoying bug. He could control her if he really wanted, but Raven knew he wouldn't dare take that step.

“I'm Sarah,” the girl said, taking the offered glass. She kept staring bewildered at Charles, then her, and back at Charles again. She was like a nervous rabbit. Raven couldn't really blame her. She didn't know the game.

“Sarah. So nice to meet you. Let me show you our wedding picture,” Raven said, still smiling the icky sweet way she had rehearsed. Sarah's hand froze in mid movement. The ring was a nice touch, but there was still room for doubt. How hard it was to wear a ring and claim to be married? Not that hard. But a wedding picture, now that was another kettle of fish.

Raven enjoyed immensely how Charles' eyes widened with surprise when she produced the picture with a flourish. Maybe he had figured that she was bluffing, but then again, he should have known better.

The photograph was a piece of art. She had flirted with a young art major at the pub one night, and the guy had gone on and on about his latest project, the photo montages. It wasn't hard to convince him to piece together the picture she needed. After all, she could create the raw material. She knew how to play all the parts.
The bride. The groom. The guests. The little flower girls. She even played the priest.

The result was stunning, seemingly effortless and slightly candid shot of the moment where the beaming bride leaned to kiss the groom after the 'I Do'. In the picture Charles looked happy. Raven was especially proud of that detail. There was no seams between their mouths, her lips touching his without signs of forgery. The photograph was definitely worth the quick fumble behind the pub.

Charles stared at the picture as stunned as the girl. They both reached at the picture the same time, then withdrew their hands at the same time. Raven placed the picture gently on the coffee table. Charles turned to look at her, eyes dark. Raven's smile faltered for a moment, but when Sarah turned to look at her as well, her perfect smile returned.

“I am so, so sorry Mrs. Xavier. I mean... I had no idea, and... I don't know what's going on in here, but I don't want any part of it. And you! Don't touch me. You are disgusting!” The girl bounced to her feet and left in a huff, slamming the door behind her. Raven smiled and reached for the untouched drink the girl had left behind. Charles moved quickly, grabbing her wrist and squeezing it hard.

“You think you are pretty clever, don't you Raven? This face, and the voice, pretty pictures and shiny ring?” He shook her arm, making her whole body tremble from the force of it. “I won't play this game with you, do you hear?”

“Why not?”

“Are you serious? You can not make up stuff like this Raven! Not this! Not a marriage!”

“Oh, now I see the double standard. It is fine when you play I'm your sister, but when I want to play, it is all horror and moral shock!” Raven said through clenched teeth. She was so angry she thought her skin would burst in flames. How dare he say such a thing to her. Her! Didn't he remember that she had seen every game he had ever played, and he had the gall to judge her?

“This is not the same! It is not a game to me, I'm trying to protect you,” Charles said, letting her hand go.

“Wake up Charles! You are playing, and you have been playing this game for years. The only difference is, that we have always played with your rules before,” Raven said and stood up, too angry to stay still any longer. “I'm not your sister, and obviously I am not your wife either, and right now, I'm hardly even your friend. Burn the picture, because I don't need it anymore."
She rushed to the door, steadfast to leave before she would burst to tears in front of him. She would not cry, she would not.


"Stay away from me!" Raven said and slammed the door behind her, running up the stairs to her room, shedding her skin as she went. In her room it was just her, and darkness and bitter tears.

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Oh bbs. This is heartbreaking and creative at once!


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