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Title: Movies
Rating: gen
Content notes: none
Bingo square: Angel and Raven
Summary: girls go to the movies.

”This movie doesn't have color,” Raven noted, snatching the bag of candy from Angel's lap. ”Boring.”

”We can go back wait outside, if you want. I'm sure the rain will end eventually,” she pointed out, slumping down on the worn seat, propping her legs up on the seat front of her. ”I mean, you can only get so wet.”

”Ooh, that sounds dirty.” She ripped the bag open, propping her legs up the same way. She took a candy and put it in her mouth, then spit it right back out on the floor. ”Eew. What is this candy?”

”I don't know, the girl at the counter didn't speak English, so I chose in random. It looked good, what does it taste like?”

”Disgusting. Like coconut and something salty. Ugh.”

”That's not a good combination. Let me try.”

Angel picked one pink and black candy from the bag and took a cautious bite from one corner. Raven stared at her, watching her reaction. Angel chewed it thoughtfully before smirking.

”Tastes alright. I'll eat them.”

”Then what am I supposed to eat?”

”Go buy some popcorn, if you're hungry. I have some money left, can't use these in the next country anyway. Point what you want, the girl will write the price on a piece of paper. It worked alright.”

”No, too much trouble, I don't like popcorn that much. And I want to see this movie.” She turned to look at the screen. The theater wasn't big, a size of a large living room. The screen was crammed at the end, edges of the image curving on the wall. There was only ten rows of seats and they sat in the back, the only people there. Humphrey Bogart talked with Lauren Bacall, their discussion going back and forth in amazing speed. ”What's this about?”

”You've never seen The Big Sleep? It's a classic.”

”I can tell. It's black and white.”

Angel laughed and snagged the candies back to her lap. “Bogart is Philip Marlowe, a PI. Bacall is this rich, jetset girl whose sister is in trouble. Her dad hires Marlowe to help, and things get strange. There's all these people, and not all of it makes sense.”

“But you like it?”

Angel shrugged, taking another candy from the bag. “I saw it when I was a kid, and for the longest time I wanted to be a private eye when I grew up. You know, with the snazzy hat and a gun, an office with a logo on the door. Dramatic light when you sit behind your desk.”

“And mysterious dames as clients, with wads of money and old husbands they want dead?”

“Of course,” Angel said. “That's why you have the gun.”

Raven laughed. “Oh, I've seen you shoot. The husbands would die in old age before you managed to hit them.”

Angel smacked her shoulder. “Shut it. You are no Annie Oakley either.” She took another piece of candy, turning it in the flickering light to see the color before popping it in her mouth. “What was your dream job when you were a kid?”

“Me? I don't remember.”

“Sure you do. A ballerina? Firefighter? Weather girl?”

“It might have something to do with food, I was always hungry when I was a kid...” Raven thought about it, staring at the screen. “I remember I wanted to learn how to make those big wedding cakes, you know, with all that white frosting and the complicated structure underneath that kept them from toppling. I remember wanting to build a cake as tall as I was.”

“So basically, you wanted to be an architect?”

Raven smirked. “That's right. Or an engineer.”

They watched the movie for a while, neither saying anything.

“But I don't think I would've been any good making wedding cakes,” Raven said when the rapid dialogue on the screen had a short lull. “I would've had the overwhelming urge to poke my finger in the frosting. You know? Scoop a fistful of cake and scarf it down. Knock over the porcelain couple on the top.”

“There's something so wrong about the topper couples,” Angel said. “They're too happy. I think they're high.”

“They smoked some porcelain weed,” Raven said and laughed. “They sit on top of the cake, shotgunning, and that's why they call it the shotgun wedding.”

Angel laughed. “Right? That's what it should mean.”

Raven reached to take a candy and Angel held the bag out for her. She chose one and tried it, nibbling the corner. “This one is better, the yellow one.”

“I'll save those, you can have them,” Angel said and pointed at the screen. “Look, her. That's the sister. She's going to be trouble.”

“That's family for you."

Angel said nothing, only pushed the bag of candy toward her. “I know.”

“If Az doesn't show up after this, want to go drinking?” Raven asked, digging around for the yellow candy.

"Emma would flip if we go back drunk," Angel noted. "Sounds like fun."


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